“Thank you for watching and for believing”: 7:30 signs off 2021

Leigh Sales' sign-off gives some insight into how the 7:30 team approach their show editorially.

7:30 signed off for 2021 last night, with the show set to return on January 4th.

Host Leigh Sales farewelled viewers in a brief statement which also gives us some insight into how the team approaches the show editorially.

“That’s our final episode of 7:30 for 2021,” she said.

“As always, thank you for watching and for believing in what we do. The team here does its best to bring you comprehensive, accurate, fair-minded reporting with heart and compassion. And to ask questions the average, reasonable Australian might like to hear answers to from those in power. We appreciate all the people who have the courage to appear in our reports and to tell their stories and we appreciate all of you at home for your support too.

7:30 will be back at the start of the year and I’ll see you at the end of January after a break.

“It’ll be another big year including a federal election. 2021 has been a very tough year for many people, so please take care of yourselves during the festive season, and our team sends you our best wishes for better a 2022. Good night.”

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  1. Leigh Sales and David Speers are the 2 best interviewers in the game. They are like dogs with a bone and always end up getting their questions answered, even if it takes 10 minutes of dancing by the interviewee…

  2. I’m just curious about the words ”Average and reasonable Australian’s”, is that how some in the ABC categorizes its viewers?. How can you define an ”average” and ”reasonable” human being anyway, especially the reasonable bit.
    It’s not just the ABC who cant say Christmas by the way, I note that some staff in larger companies say Happy holidays now.

  3. I’m a fan of 7.30 and they give a tough time to all irrespective of party (just ask Dan Andrews). ScoMo has so many own goals….if one does not like their (7.30) reporting, perhaps it’s the subject at fault and not the reporter. As for the C word, talk about a non issue. Churches are empty throughout the year so am not clear in my mind most understand what the true meaning of Christmas is in any event. Merry Christmas.

  4. It’s the ABC so of course the host couldn’t bring herself to use the C word and wish their viewers a happy Christmas. This show has done some good work in parts this year but their federal political reporter doesn’t even try to contain her bias. Her opining and passive aggressive language when it comes to the PM and government in general is a stain on this show and only reinforces the ABC’s reputation for its lean to the left. Let’s hope there is improvement in 2022 but I suspect it will only get worse as the ABC works hard to secure more funding and an ideologically aligned government in Canberra.

    1. This government deserves all that it gets. There’s constant chatter on Twitter that Laura should replace Leigh, who has been seen as targeting the Victorian Government.

      I guess you can’t please everyone.

      1. Yes Laura Tingle is a Godsend & one of the few actual journalists left in this country. Most are opinionistas. Holding our Govt to account for it’s incompetence is not being ‘left leaning’. It’s doing your job which so few do these days. They want to curry favour & still get invited to press conferences. Most are lilly livered cowards & have no integrity. We need truth in media laws here. Most just print rubbish without fact checking.

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