Todd Sampson missed Gruen finale

"It's either a close contact of COVID or I've run out of t-shirts."

“Sorry I couldn’t be there for the final episode,” Todd Sampson told Gruen viewers last night.

“It’s either a close contact of COVID or I’ve run out of t-shirts.”

Dee Madigan took his chair for a second week running, but Russel Howcroft made it to the studio for the first time this season.

And is it just me or did Wil look completely bored hosting last night? Maybe it’s been a long season with COVID denying them a studio audience. Felt very joyless…

But he confirmed the show is back in 2022, so a chance to recharge Energizer batteries.

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  1. His delivery all season of “you’ve convinced me” after each pitch seems dull and kind of out of place too a lot of the time, maybe he is over it, maybe someone else needs to host

  2. I run very hot and cold with Will on this show. The last few seasons before this one, it all felt very tightly scripted and that every line was there with the aim of setting Will up for a gag. While I haven’t watched last night’s ep yet, I’ve found him to be a lot more subdued this whole season and that it’s been a lot less about him and he’s let the conversation flow between the panelists more (which is as it should be, they are the experts after all). On another point, if Todd or Russel ever leave – Dee Madigan is the perfect replacement. She’s great.

      1. I agree. When i was watching last night i was wondering if something had happened between the panelists. It seemed like he didnt really want to be there. I guess we cant always be “up”. Maybe its been a long year and he was just wanting the show to be over.

        1. I was thinking he was struggling with his pain which he has been very open about in the past. It’s incredibly hard to be up when youre in chronic pain (as someone dealing with it, it’s hard to mask all the time)

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