Vax policy in, Warren Tredrea out?

Nine News Adelaide sports presenter reportedly discussing Nine's mandatory vaccination policy with management.

Nine News Adelaide sports presenter Warren Tredrea may be starting Christmas holidays earlier than expected amid reports he is in discussion with management over Nine’s Covid-19 vaccination policy.

The Advertiser reports Tredrea was absent on Wednesday, the same date Nine’s double vaccination mandate commenced.

He has previously commented on the right to choose whether to vaccinate, without impacting employment.

“I’m not an anti-vaxxer and I’m not a doctor, and I’m not trying to make out I am,” he has said.

“That’s all I’ll say – make your own choice and do your own homework.”

A Nine spokesman said the “health and safety of our people and the continuity of operations” was behind their new vaccination policy.

“As such we are working to implement processes in our workplaces to ensure we have positive confirmation of vaccination status for everyone who comes onto our sites around the country from December 1 to ensure we are operating within the relevant health regulations,” the spokesman said.