Airdate: Stage Changers

How a troupe of young WA-based thespians took on the biggest challenge of their careers.

Arts documentary Stage Changers, is coming to iwonder in February.

The iwonder Original – supported by Screen Australia – follows the journey of The Last Great Hunt, a Western Australia-based group of young, passionate theatre makers who find themselves presented with an opportunity that could change their lives forever.

iwonder CEO, James Bridges, says of the film: “Stage Changers offers a rare an intimate glimpse behind the curtain with some of Australia’s bravest and most creative performers, as they take on the biggest challenge of their careers. As the group’s creative director literally suffers for his art, as he battles through a debilitating back injury to keep the production alive, the cast and crew pull together to produce a piece of performance art on par with some of the most captivating and creative productions to emerge from Australia and sit comfortably on the world stage.”

With a reputation for producing distinctive small-scale studio work, an influential company in the UK invites the group to pitch a large-scale performance that would see them go from making theatre for audiences of 100 people, to making a show that plays to more than 1,000 people a night.

The idea for ‘Lé Nør [the rain], is born – the most ambitious production the group has ever attempted -featuring the creation of a completely new language which the cast and crew must construct, learn and master alongside the budget, tech and time issues they’re constantly faced with as they prepare for the first show.

With the Perth Festival joining the list of those interested in hosting the performance, The Last Great Hunt looks to be on the brink of something truly remarkable, before funding challenges, the health of the group’s creative director, and the impact that has on his ability to keep the production on track, threaten to stop the show from ever reaching the stage.

This group of aspirational Australian artists has always been driven by hopes and dreams, but in the end, will dreams be enough?

Thursday 10th February on iwonder.

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