“As Chair of the ABC, I have learned an important lesson.”

As Ita marks her 80th birthday she is still learning, and still imparting life lessons.

Belated birthday wishes to ABC Chair Ita Buttrose who yesterday marked her 80th birthday (just 10 years younger than Auntie herself).

Speaking to her former Studio 10 colleague Sarah Harris, the media doyen indicated she still has drive for her work, and devotion to her proudest project, her family.

Harris also asked her about a previous comment that she was prepared to protest if the 2021 Sydney lockdown was going to be extended.

“That was all taken out of order,” Ita replied.

“It was just a throwaway line. You know, ‘Please don’t do this, I would have to protest!’ But of course I wouldn’t protest. I mean, a lot of the lockdowns were necessary for our health. .

“As Chair of the ABC, I have learned an important lesson. Don’t say anything that could be misconstrued because if it can be misconstrued, it will be misconstrued.”

And have access to a really, really big chair.

Happy Birthday!

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