“I can get in trouble for saying this…”

Sometimes even an Entertainment Editor has to put their foot down.

There are some movies that shouldn’t be messed with, according to Studio 10‘s Angela Bishop and the idea of a remake of To Catch a Thief was enough to make her speak out, even at risk of upsetting her US employers.

The 1959 Hitchcock classic starring Cary Grant and Grace Kelly is on the American Film Institute’s top 100 greatest love stories in American cinema.

“Classic, classic film, classic, classic performances directed by Alfred Hitchcock,” Bishop told viewers yesterday.

“And while the new version is in early development and plot details are yet to be revealed, I can tell you that Gal Gadot better known as Wonder Woman is set to star in the film with Chris Pratt in the Cary Grant role. Not only that Gal will be a producer with her husband Yaron Varsano.

“I’m sorry…. Paramount’s making it so I can get in trouble for this, but NO! Just do another Imagine video Gal! Sorry, but you’re honest. You’re honest, though. You know, you can’t mess with the originals.”

Paramount is owned by 10’s parent company ViacomCBS. But Bishop was so horrified she didn’t hold back.

“There are just a handful films, I just don’t want anyone to mess with. And if anyone tries to ever do Casablanca, I’m coming for them with weapons.”

Go, Ange…

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  1. Maybe Angela should say no to a few other movies and TV shows as well. Those with interests in Hollywood, especially the old under employed screenwriter establishment, are increasingly in despair about the new generations of writers and producers creatively depreciating the US entertainment industry. The issue as far as I can see is that production studios by changing the political landscape have made their bed and now lie in it, if they fire these young movie making activists, including some with little movie making experience, Hell will seem like a nice place to be. Studios like CW and Warner Bros and Paramount are not doing so well at the moment and it’s not all to do with COVID.

  2. I find that some remakes are good, but a lot of the time it’s just a cash cow riding on the sheep’s back of hype, branding and marketing, and they’re sometime okay, but often disappointing. They should think about the fans and aficionados as well. There’s more effort involved in making something the fans would like to see instead of churning out something generic, but it’s bound to be rewarding and profitable.

  3. This is typical of what’s going on nowadays they seem to have no new ideas and so lazily just decide to remake classic films or re mix songs just to make money .Some films work better than the original but many don’t.

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