Patti Newton: “Bert made such a lot of people happy.”

The Newton family are buoyed by memories of Bert which have been emerging since his passing in November.

Patti Newton has given a rare interview following the death of TV legend Bert Newton.

Currently holidaying with daughter Lauren, son-in-law Matt Welsh and her six grandchildren, Patti, 76, told Woman’s Day, “Some of the stories that have come out are just incredible, things even I didn’t know.”

After almost 47 years of marriage, Patti has been surprised by the memories shared, including missing Logies, one of which Peter Ford revealed was gifted to a man dying of AIDS in Melbourne in the 1980s.

“I think a few of the Logies might have made a similar journey, been used to make somebody feel better,” Patti said.

“He was generous to a fault, really, but he loved it.

“I often used to think he spent so much money on everyone else, but now I’m so glad he did. He made such a lot of people happy.”

Lauren, 42, added, “We’re falling apart, but we’re doing the best we can. You have to keep going with little kids around, so it’s a good distraction.”

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A new family pic in this video:

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