Renewed: The Hundred with Andy Lee

Audience tix are available for Melbourne shoot of Andy Lee series.

Nine has now confirmed The Hundred with Andy Lee is returning for 2022, to shoot in Melbourne from next week (S1 was in Sydney).

He will be joined by guest panellists and 100 Australians, who join in from around the country on a 27-metre screen. They will unpack statistics to find out who we really are and what the nation thinks about the biggest story of the week.

The Hundred is kind of like reverse Gogglebox. Gogglebox is everyday people sitting in their homes and picking apart TV shows, whereas The Hundred is a TV show diving into everyday people’s homes and learning more about their lives,” Lee explained.

Studio audience tix are available for patrons 18+ who are vaccinated. A rapid test will also be supplied for completion prior to entry.

The series will return in February.

You can apply here.

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