Returning: Outback Ringer

Big bulls, a big wet season and salt of the earth characters in S2 of ABC series.

ABC observational series Outback Ringer returns for a second season in early February.

Over seven episodes, Outback Ringer will once again follow three families risking their reputations, fortunes and lives catching feral bulls and buffalo deep in Australia’s Northern Territory outback. Over an entire catching season, audiences will witness their high-stakes, character driven stories, filmed in one of the world’s most iconic locations.

Several of the standout characters from series one return including, Indigenous Australian and 3rd generation Ringer Clarry Shadforth, with a new look team and equipment. Also returning are Liz and Willie Cook – the outback’s favourite husband and wife team, who are expanding their empire with an ever- increasing debt financing. The master bull catcher Kurt Hammar is also back, having negotiated an unprecedented mustering deal with the Northern Land Council and traditional owners of East Arnhem land. He is also negotiating the tricky territory of succession to the considerable Hammar empire with his sons Jesse and Kodi.

After a big wet season, cattle prices are sky-high, so the ringers are doubling their bets, in the hope of making this the year.

Outback Ringer is produced by Ronde Media, led by Ben Davies, the creator of the hit series Bondi Rescue, and Liam Taylor. The Northern Territory’s Tommy Lawrence is behind the original-concept and directs all the action in the field.

Production credit: Outback Ringer is a Ronde Production for the ABC. Principal production investment from the ABC in association with Screen Australia. Financed with support from Screen NSW and Screen Territory. Executive Producer: Ben Davies (Ronde), Series Producer: Liam Taylor (Ronde), Series Director (field) Tommy Lawrence, ABC Manager of Documentaries: Stephen Oliver.

Tuesday 1 February at 8.00pm on ABC.

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