Who leaked footage of Seven anchors on “bullshit” Djokovic?

Updated: Seven says private conversation between Mike Amor & Rebecca Maddern was illegally recorded and distributed.

Footage of Seven News anchors Mike Amor and Rebecca Maddern discussing Novak Djokovic appears to have been leaked from within the Melbourne newsroom or Seven’s playout centre.

In a candid, off-camera moment both spoke frankly about the border saga and their belief that the tennis champion would “get away with it.”

Late last night the vision, time-stamped 17:40, was in circulation through social media and quickly attracted media headlines.

Both anchors cast doubt on the “lies” by the Serbian player, including “bullshit’ claims he even had Covid in December.

While the very blue language was not fit for broadcast, in many ways both were saying what we are all thinking…. it’s a discussion that has doubtless been going on in offices, cafes and taxi cabs around the country.

The footage was never broadcast, leading to a deeper question in how the vision ever left the building

Television relies on trust and presenters need to know that crew and personnel have their back.

Rebecca Maddern has only just returned to Seven, joining Amor as co-anchor last week, in what was previously a solo-hosting.

The leaking of the video is akin to sabotage from within….

Seven must investigate the matter.


Craig McPherson, Seven Network Director of News and Public Affairs said, “The illegal recording was of a private conversation between two colleagues. It was an underhanded, cowardly act in breach of the Victorian Listening Devices legislation the perpetrator of which will be accordingly dealt with when found.”    

Seven Melbourne managing director Lewis Martin also told 3AW the network is well advanced in its investigation.

“Well, it’s disappointing. It’s a private conversation. It’s been illegally recorded, and it’s been illegally distributed. So I can assure you that we won’t be leaving any stone unturned to find out how it’s happened. It’s disappointing from that point of view,” he said.

“I’ve spoken to Bec this morning, and she’s incredibly apologetic … but at the end of the day, it’s a private conversation.

“We’ve got some very experienced broadcast operations, people looking into how this would have got out and yes, we’re taking this very, very seriously. It’s a legal matter, it’s a private conversation, which was illegally recorded and distributed. And so from my perspective, from the executive perspective, and speaking to James Warburton and Craig McPherson we are taking this very, very seriously. And this investigation is going to be very thorough.”

He added, ‘Everybody will speculate, I think speculation threats any sort of investigation like this. I like to wait to see how the how the facts, pan out and it’ll take might not take as long as we think, by the way.”

How do you judge Mike Amor / Rebecca Maddern comments on Djokovic?

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  1. Agree that they’re just saying what we’re all thinking and didn’t know their convo would be leaked. Neither Mike nor Rebecca should feel bad about this. The person who leaked it should.

    It’s not the Amber Sherlock situation (she kind of deserved what she got there). This was two colleagues having a private conversation.

  2. Seven taking the moral high ground in regards to the leak but suspect all news broadcasters have aired similarly leaked footage from elsewhere in the past.

    The question is does it pass the public interest test and in this case I think not, unlike if it had been a conversation between two government ministers or two people within Tennis Australia.

  3. If I were a betting man – this has been leaked by the external presentation company that looks after Channel 7 these days… This chat would have been outputting from the studio before the program started… Very unlikely this came from within Channel 7 Melbourne.

  4. My main thought is the worrying breach of trust between cast and crew that’s been broken here which is disappointing. Spend an hour on any TV studio floor or control room and you’ll see and hear people having conversations about anything and everything while setting up. What is being said here is actually mild compared to some of the things I’ve heard over the years haha. Whilst the saying is true that the microphone is always on, the presenters here are trusting the crew and whoever else has access to the feed that it won’t go any further. Would be very hard to track down where the leak has come from as that feed would go all over the place. If I was a betting man, I’d put down a dollar that it’s been leaked by a rival network. Luckily, any publicity is good publicity and nice to see 7 have left Rebecca and Mike on air tonight.

    1. “worrying breach of trust between cast and crew that’s been broken”. It hasn’t been determined that the leak came from HSV7 “crew” or a “rival network”. In fact, that’s most unlikely. Feel the time stamp is a bit of a clue.

  5. I think it’s appalling behaviour. Imagine if they were getting trolled calling them assholes on a public stage, they’d be crying and looking for compensation. Totally unprofessional and both should be disciplined. Although you can’t expect anything different from Channel 7, not exactly the height of taste or professionalism.

  6. Illegally recording a private conversation while knowingly wearing a microphone in a tv studio with other microphones and cameras all over the place…… good luck getting that across the line your honour. Im sure it breaches channel 7 guidelines…. But calling on the Victorian Listening Devices legislation is a bit of a stretch i think.

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