Here’s how Eurovision will look as the American Song Contest

Snoop Dogg and Kelly Clarkson to co-host the long-awaited State v State song contest.

I’ve said from the get-go this would look more like Idol than Eurovision….

NBC during Super Bowl released its first promo for American Song Contest today, the long-awaited US adaptation of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Snoop Dogg and Kelly Clarkson will co-host the song battle between all 50 states, five U.S. territories and Washington D.C., set to begin on March 21.

“America’s next great song could come from your hometown, as every state and territory competes for your vote,” NBC teases.

The live competition between solo, duo and group acts consists of qualifying rounds, followed by the semi-finals and one grand final.

Kelly Clarkson said, “I have been a fan and love the concept of Eurovision and am thrilled to bring the musical phenomenon to America. I’m so excited to work with Snoop and can’t wait to see every state and territory represented by artists singing their own songs.”

It’s only taken 14 years since this was first flagged.

And no, there is no Australian broadcaster as yet.

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  1. This has flop written all over it. I thought Americans networks had moved on from taking hit international formats and then completely reworking them for their own audience, losing their USP in the process, but this shows clearly not. Yes, it was never going to be a one-off night of television but I think they’ve gone one round too far, and as such have twice as many episodes. Three semi finals and a final would give it a better chance.

  2. Crister Bjorkman who’s been involved in many a eurovision and was EP of Sweden’s Melodifestivalen national final until last year is on EP on this US production….that leaves me just a sliver of hope that some teeny weeny bit of classic Eurovision camp and craziness might make it into this one.

  3. Will Farrell should be the host!!!!
    He has always been a strong supporter of Eurovision for many years, long before he made the film. Knows what it is all about. At least make him a judge/jury member

  4. We’re still waiting for Eurovision Asia Song Contest or Our Sound – The Asia Pacific Song Contest which got to a very significant level of preparation and organisation though had some issues at the last minute that caused delays and cancellations. It would be great to continue the impetus for this. There was a serious attempt so it shows that the people want it, and they should still go ahead with the idea. It has huge potential.

  5. I hope we do get an Australian broadcast. Give me this over another Voice-style show any day. The original song component is what keeps Eurovision interesting every year and it’s great to see this concept going mainstream in the US. I loved the short lived “Platinum Hit” from Bravo/Arena many years back – it was Project Runway meets Idol and was really enjoyable.

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