Vera beats 60 Minutes interview with PM

Brenda Blethyn mystery wins its timeslot ahead of high-profile 60 Minutes interview. Nine wins Sunday.

Nine’s high-profile 60 Minutes interview with Scott Morrison was beaten last night by ABC mystery Vera.

Vera pulled 587,000 metro viewers, just ahead of 60 Minutes on 574,000.

Married at First Sight remained the top entertainment show at 961,000 at 7pm, outranking Muster Dogs (574,000), Winter Olympics (Evening: 542,000)  and Australian Survivor (527,000).

Winter Olympics led later Night: 479,000 with a Late session at 386,000.

But Nine network won its first night of 2022 survey at 30.3% then Seven 29.6%, ABC 17.6%, 10 15.7% and SBS 6.8%.

Nine News (849,000) was best for Nine with a late edition at 279,000.

Seven News was #1 at 1.00m viewers.

ABC News was 575,000 for ABC. Australia Remastered pulled 79,000.

The Sunday Project drew 328,000 / 202,000. 10 News First was 254,000 / 169,000 with FBI at 199,000 / 148,000.

On SBS it was SBS World News (156,000 / 121,000), Elizabeth I & II: The Golden Queens (146,000) and Lost Treasure Tombs of the Ancient Maya (99,000).

Insiders on ABC News led multichannels at 142,000.

In Total TV numbers last Sunday were:
Married at First Sight: 1.68m
Australian Survivor: 869,000
Vera: 1.16m
60 Minutes: 1.34m

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 13 February 2022


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  1. I’m no Scomo fan….but for all the people whinging that it’s a political stunt and a PR exercise – of course it is. At the end of the interview, they announced Albo would have his turn in a few weeks.
    From memory, 60 Mins profiles all the candidates every few years.

  2. Someone once said that no-one every went broke under-estimating the taste of the American public.
    The fact that Vera had more viewers than 90 Minutes shows this isn’t always true down under.

  3. Scott may need to inject himself into a 2nd news show. No way he’ll need a 3rd but give it a day and hell confirm its necessary to inject himself into a 3rd news show.
    Definitely not a 4th but it’s early days

  4. Thats why sco- mo went to Hawaii to try and learn the ukulele a wast of effort and we can see right through these electorial t.v interveiws.
    If you have nothing good to say say nothing
    And as for letting jenny take the blame for the holiday ,be a man and take your share,instead of blame shifting

  5. The band behind the tune that Prime Minister Scott Morrison strummed on his ukulele during Sunday’s 60 Minutes interview has delivered a savage sledge about his use of it.

    On Monday morning, they issued a public statement that lashed Mr Morrison for “co-opting” their music in an “attempt to humanise” himself.

    “Like many times before, Dragon is back in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. This time, it’s Scott Morrison’s interpretation of April Sun in Cuba, written by two New Zealanders living in Australia (Paul Hewson, Marc Hunter, both since passed) about a long-ago diplomatic fracas on the other side of the world,” the band wrote.

    “It is a cynical move for a politician to co-opt music in an attempt to humanise themselves come election time.

    “Maybe if his trip had not been cut short, he could have learnt the lyrics to the rest of the chorus: ‘Take me where the April sun gonna treat me so right, so right, so right’.”

  6. Nine winning last night has put a stop to Seven using this come the end of the week: “Seven win every night of the Winter Olympics”. Surprising, but the games were convincingly defeated by multiple networks/shows last night.

  7. Good to see Peter Costello, pulling strings and helping out his old mates in the LNP. Kind of looks like its not quite gone the way he’d hoped. Wonder how long it took the advisors to teach Scotty the Ukulele chords. Even MAFS looked less manufactured than that puff piece

  8. Headline could also have been ‘ScoMo interview beats Winter Olympics. But I guess Vera beats ScoMo is more appealing.
    And wasn’t the final of Muster Dogs great last night.

  9. Too funny
    So it shows you that Australia was less interested in a hapless PM trying to con voters that he a normal bloke

    The pre released cringeworthy ukulele stunt went viral pretty well but I think general interest in what he had to say didn’t resonate

    What will Albo do if he gets the opportunity

  10. Muster Dogs had just as many viewers as 60Minutes. In other words, 60M couldn’t out rate Muster Dogs. Whilst the choice of interviewer turned me off I was left thinking ‘Anthony Albanese and the ALP must be delighted with this’.

    1. Politics has always brought out the worst in (some) people. Always has, always will.
      Lady Astor: ‘If I were your wife I would put poison in your coffee.’
      PM Winston Churchill: ‘Nancy, if I were your husband I would drink it.’

    2. It was a PR stunt, I don’t know what else you would call it. And yes, I would apply the same to any politician who thinks wheeling out their family somehow changes their policies? The sooner this election is over with, the better.

  11. Hahahaha! This is probably the best headline of 2022 and shows Australia’s current appetite for:
    A) 60 Minutes doing the PM’s campaigning and/or
    B) ScoMo!
    Bring on the election I say!

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