Academy Awards sees modest lift after shock Live TV slap

Oscars are up on 2021 presentation. MAFS continues its dominance for Nine.

After that now-infamous slap, Seven made a late schedule change to bring forward its primetime Oscars replay and pushing The Amazing Race final to next Monday.

The Academy Awards presentation was 277,000 in Live metro viewers yesterday afternoon and another 148,000 in primetime repeat.

Those numbers were up on 2021’s low of 212,000 / 100,000.

But curiously a Highway Cops episode, which screened at 2pm as the Live Oscars was ending rated 352,000 which managed to upstage what Seven screened in its 7:30 slot.

Meanwhile Married at First Sight led entertainment at 997,000 metro viewers. That was ahead of 7:30 (595,000), Australian Story (523,000), Australian Survivor (451,000), SAS Australia (329,000)

Later Four Corners drew 456,000 then Media Watch (450,000), La Brea (306,000), Would I Lie to You? (294,000), Academy Awards rpt (148,000).

Nine network won Monday with 31.6% then Seven 24.7%, ABC 18.2%, 10 17.7%, and SBS 7.8%.

Nine News drew 925,000 / 924,000 for Nine. A Current Affair was 726,000 then Hot Seat (414,000 / 273,000). Late News was 183,000.

Seven News was #1 at 1.06m / 1.00m for Seven. The Chase was 542,000 / 341,000 with Home & Away at 503,000.

ABC News was 676,000. China Tonight (191,000) and The Drum (146,000) followed.

The Project pulled 414,000 / 255,000 for 10. 10 News First was 320,000 / 192,000.  FBI: Most Wanted was 138,000.

On SBS it was SBS World News ( 159,000 / 135,000), Scotland: Escape to the Wilderness (138,000), Secrets of the Tower of London (124,000), Mastermind (79,000) and Great House Revival (76,000).

Doc Martin led multichannels at 144,000.

Sunrise: 248,000
Today: 196,000
News Breakfast: 103,000 / 72,000

In Total TV numbers last Monday were:

La Brea: 645,000
The Amazing Race:
Married at First Sight: 1.91m
Australian Survivor: 
Four Corners: 760,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 28 March 2022

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  1. David, sorry to post on such an old post, but my frantic googling is yet to confirm who is screening the 2023 Oscars. I presume Seven has the rights, but any confirmed listings yet and whether it will be delayed in (non eastern States) like last year on 7HD? Help appreciated – I’m trying to schedule an Oscars party….! 🙂

  2. That 352,000 for the 2pm Highway Cops will be all the eyeballs that switched on the Oscars as word spread across socials about what happened – I know of at east 5 friends who turned it on hoping to see what would happen. (The Oscars didn’t wrap til about 2.35pm from memory.)

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