Eurovision finally gives birth to the American Song Contest

There was Michael Bolton, a K-Pop singer from Oklahoma, country acts and more, when America staged its own Eurovision contest.

After years of promises and shelved plans the American Song Contest finally launched this week in the USA.

It marked the long awaited American version of the Eurovision Song Contest.

11 acts performed in the first Qualifying Round, representing acts from the 50 U.S. states, five territories, and Washington, D.C. competing for the inaugural title on NBC.

They included Michael Bolton, a K-Pop singer from Oklahoma, country acts and more. The reviews were not kind.

It was Rhode Island’s Hueston who was chosen to proceed to the next stage.

Here is a selection of acts….

Hueston, Rhode Island

Michael Bolton, Connecticut

Ryan Charles, Wyoming

Keyone Starr, Mississippi

UG skywalkin, Indiana

Christian Pagán, Puerto Rico

AleXa, Oklahoma

2 Responses

  1. I just skimmed through the whole show (it’s quite a painful chore to watch).

    The Rhode Island performer was the Jury winner and goes through to the final.
    The public voting ends on Wednesday morning (US time). Another 3 performers will go through based on the public vote. The grand final’s vote will be live.

    The show isn’t live (there’s a disclaimer at the end about portions not affecting the outcome have been edited). There’s barely 100 people in the audience. Another disclaimer (just as the result is being announced) – “Jury votes are based on dress rehearsals”. No different to Eurovision there.

    The jury results were announced during the fastest ever credits! There was 17 seconds between the announcement and end of show. Minimal chance of seeing their reaction. No interview with the winner. No points reveal.

    I’d put money on the overall winner flying to Torino to perform the following Saturday night at Eurovision.
    The Oklahoma entry wasn’t bad! Almost…

    1. Show is Live to the East Coast, but I don’t know if performers are all Live. I even thought Oklahoma was lip syncing. It drew 2.899 million viewers, beaten by American Idol at 5.289 million viewers.

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