MAFS still strong, as ABC offers light relief.

In times of crisis there is news... and then there is escapism.

In times of crisis people turn to news bulletins -and they also turn to escapism.

Married at First Sight continues to draw in hefty numbers, last night at 967,000 metro viewers. Lighter fare on ABC also performed well last night but factuals on Seven and 10 had a tough night.

MAFS was in front of Hard Quiz (637,000), 7:30 (627,000), Police Strike Force (311,000), Ambulance Australia (277,000) and Tony Robinson: The Thames at Night (156,000).

Later Mad as Hell (485,000), Under Investigation (453,000), The Front Bar (346,000), Bull (199,000 / 163,000) Starstruck (163,000) and Then & Now: Heathrow Airport (114,000).

Nine network easily won Wednesday with 35.0% then Seven 23.5%, ABC 19.2% and SBS 7.5%.

Nine News (997,000 / 981,000) A Current Affair was high at 756,000 then Hot Seat (455,000 / 321,000). Nine News Late was 279,000.

Seven News was #1 at 1.03m / 1.01m for Seven. Home & Away drew 552,000 then The Chase (512,000 / 327,000). The Latest was 308,000.

ABC News pulled 745,000 for ABC. The Drum (176,000) and QI (137,000) followed.

The Project was 370,000 / 253,000 for 10. 10 News First was 383,000 / 208,000.

On SBS it was SBS World News (162,000 / 136,000), Mastermind (68,000) and Hidden Assets (49,000).

Putin’s War on ABC News led multichannels at 156,000.

Sunrise: 277,000 / 172,000 extended
Today: 247,000 / 181,000 extended
News Breakfast: 134,000 / 87,000

In Total TV numbers last Wednesday were:

SAS Australia: 837,000
Married at First Sight
Home & Away: 994,000
Starstruck: 321,000
Ambulance Australia: 445,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 2 March 2022

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      1. Apologies. Didn’t watch it for either showing-I did see that last week it’s numbers were pretty lacklustre for prime time, especially the 2nd ep-up for repeating next Wednesday night very late-a strange move given the numbers-7 must be short of content!

  1. I have really enjoyed Tony Robinson’s : The Thames at Night series, I have enjoyed all the series he has done actually. I have become a bit hooked on the various trained themed doco’s .

  2. I agree with you David about people wanting escape from natural disasters and sadness in the Ukraine….

    Hopefully there will be a balance of shows people watch instead of watching trashbag filth like MAFS

    1. Is it wrong, but I loved the expression “trashbag filth”
      I am enjoying some lighter fare, like the Amazing Race and lifestyle on 94 and docos on ABC and SBS. This keeps me entertained. People looking for love and 5 minutes of fame looks appalling when I catch a brief advert.

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