Renewed: Vigil

UK thriller, starring Suranne Jones & Rose Leslie, gets a second season.

UK thriller Vigil, starring Suranne Jones & Rose Leslie, was this week renewed for a second season.

Vigil was the UK’s most-watched new drama since Bodyguard in 2018, attracting an audience of over 13 million viewers across 30-days, with a series an average of 12.6m viewers (30-days).

Vigil (6×60’) series 2 is written and created by Tom Edge and made by World Productions (Showtrial, Line of Duty, Bodyguard). It is executive produced by Simon Heath and Jake Lushington for World Productions, Gaynor Holmes for BBC and Tom Edge.

Vigil will be set and filmed in Scotland again.

It screens in Australia on Binge, Foxtel.

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  1. One of my picks of last year, for sure. Really tight script, atmospheric, tense and mysterious. Looking forward to the next season. Go the Brits, eh.

  2. Considering this shows title is the the subs name (HMS Vigil) what do the writers plan for season two?, the story of the sub itself is now ended, and for it to become a potentially lethal problem again would require a lot of creative license. To make sense of this conspiracy piece without the viewer intrigue of being inside the sub itself will logically divert the story more toward the political aftermath, which much of Vigil season one had plenty of. To my mind most of the attraction for this series has been used up, including the diverse characters, mind you the UK is adept at producing political melodrama when all else fails.

    1. The title was a double entendre, referring both to the name of the sub, but also the act of guarding-therefore the same investigators could be involved in anything else the writers might imagine.

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