Returning: Travel Guides

Nine's jetsetters return to review both Australian and International destinations this season.

Travel Guides returns on Wednesday with cast members the Fren family, twin cowgirls Stack and Mel, posh retirees Kevin and Janetta, best mates Kev, Dorian and Teng, and longtime partners Matt and Brett.

There are both Australian and International destinations this season.

In the new season our Guides hit the road for a supersized, two-week USA road trip taking them through Texas and the Deep South for a big taste of big hats, big portions and big wheels. But does bigger mean better?

The Guides are then off to traverse our great Southern Land as they take in the beauty of the Twelve Apostles, the wilds of Fraser Island and the sparkles of Noosa, the tall ships of Sydney Harbour, swimming with dolphins off the coast of Western Australia, and the delights of the Great Ocean Road on a week-long, family-friendly road trip that includes a taste of Sovereign Hill in beautiful Ballarat.

They head off the beaten track into the South Australian Outback, exploring the mighty Murray River and fantastic Flinders Ranges, as well as soaking up the best bits of Brisbane – from fine dining to adventure park thrills – for an activity-packed week based in the river city holiday hotspot.

In each episode of Travel Guides, our five groups of critics visit the same location for the same week-long holiday, reviewing the cuisine, accommodation, activities, and tourist sights.

Opinions always differ, leading to brutally honest and often outrageous reviews as our Guides tell it exactly how they see it and rate each holiday out of five stars.

Narrated by popular Aussie comedian Denise Scott, Travel Guides is produced by Nine.

7:30pm Wednesday on Nine (Melbourne is TBA).

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