When Gogglebox watches Celebrity Gogglebox…

"They're saying the same things we're saying!"

They say TV eats itself, and last night the ‘regular’ Gogglebox series actually reviewed Celebrity Gogglebox.

Amongst some of their observations:

Symon and Adam:
Are were just watching famous people and their couches?
Spot on Bindi.
So we’ve got Matt Preston who used to judge MasterChef, Andy Allen who currently judges MasterChef both watching British MasterChef?
These people are just like us with more money.

Anastasia and Faye:
I want to be in their house.

The Dalton family:
It’s all about celebrities these days. On everything!
They’re saying the same things we’re saying!

Keith and Lee:
How ridiculous!

The Silbery family:
I love how Dylan (Alcott) can take the piss out of himself.

Matty, Sarah Marie and Jad:
Nah, I don’t know how I feel about this.
Don’t try to understand what’s happening!

Tim and Leanne:
I’ve always said celebrity anything is so much more fun to watch.
Could Hamish man-spread any further?
This is so cool. So we’ve got celebrities watching Dancing with the Stars, with people who were on it.

Mick and Di:
That was a funny comment
Please sit with your legs together, that is not a good look.

The Delpechitra family:
What’s the point?

8:30pm tonight on 10.

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