Airdate: Prey

iwonder doco follows the story of an abuse survivor and his lawyer as they pursue justice through the conviction of a retired priest.

Documentary streamer iwonder screens winner of the Hot Docs Roger Audience Choice Award for Best Canadian Feature, and the DGC Special Jury Prize.

Marking Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Prey is described as an unflinching account of a survivor of clergy sexual abuse as they take on the Catholic Church.

iwonder CEO, James Bridges, says of the film: “A harrowing subject which lays claim to victims all over the world, many of whom may never see justice served, Prey is a powerful and compelling look at the haunting effects of child sexual abuse at the hands of the Church, and why it’s so important that the institution continues to be held to account.”

Widespread sexual abuse within the Church has traumatised thousands globally. Many have only recently come forward to speak publicly, while others have been silenced through financial settlements.

Prey follows the story of a single survivor and his lawyer as they pursue justice through the conviction of a retired priest who pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting 16 boys and one girl, in the hopes of forcing the dark and sinister story of sexual assault by Catholic priests into the light.

The trial is not about guilt or innocence, but about how much money the church should pay in compensation for the devastating fallout from the abuse. More importantly, for the plaintiff, it is about exposing the truth of how and why the sexual abuse of children can have gone on for so long without the Church stopping it. It’s the story of one survivor’s efforts to seek justice, echoing the thousands of other sexual abuse victims’ stories from around the world.

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