Defamation case over The Checkout ends in misleading conduct & $35k damages

Legal case between Chaser's Julian Morrow and producer Nick Murray concludes.

A legal case between producers of The Checkout has concluded, with an outcome of misleading conduct, false representations and $35,000 in damages.

The case, first revealed by TV Tonight in 2019, centered around a fallout between former business partners,  after CJZ transferred a 50% share of a Checkout joint venture company to Giant Dwarf, under director The Chaser’s Julian Morrow.

CJZ’s Nick Murray claimed Giant Dwarf was deceptive and misleading about plans with the ABC in March 2019 for an extra series of the show, when Cordell Jigsaw was discussing its potential sale of a stake in the joint venture for $50.

The case went to court after Morrow sued CJZ producer Nick Murray, accusing him of sending defamatory emails to ABC.

“By not informing Mr Murray of his dealings with the ABC during March and April 2019, Mr Morrow engaged in misleading or deceptive conduct,” Justice Stevenson said.

The Australia reports as soon as the share sales agreement was executed, Justice Stevenson said Morrow told the ABC “we should now proceed” to produce a seventh season of The Checkout – a “breach” of their agreement. “Mr Murray had no knowledge of Mr Morrow’s communications with the ABC, nor the advanced state of his negotiations with them.”

However, Justice Stevenson also ordered $35,000 in damages after it was found Mr Murray made false representations to ABC executives, suggesting Morrow had engaged in fraud and never paid for CJZ’s stake in the joint venture.

The Checkout share sale agreement between the two companies can now be rescinded.