Latest Drama development funding

New projects in the pipeline for Lingo Pictures, Northern Pictures, Jungle Entertainment, and See Saw Films.

15 television dramas and five online projects are amongst new development funding from Screen Australia including projects for Lingo Pictures, Northern Pictures, Jungle Entertainment, and See Saw Films.

These include science fiction drama Immersion from Lion director Garth Davis plus successful online series Girl, Interpreted (pictured) expanding into television.

Louise Gough, Screen Australia’s Head of Development said, “Screen Australia is delighted to be able to support such a fantastic mix of originals and adaptations from established and new talent. We’re pleased to see a diversity of themes and genres, from coming of age, to gripping thrillers, queer quests and absurdist comedy, that have the potential to connect with a wide range of audiences.”

“Now five months into the job as the new Head of Development, it’s thrilling to see the stories that are being developed, the hands they are in, the formats being written for, and the audiences these stories seek to connect with. We look forward to continued engagement with talent and the content they are developing.”

Broadcasters are yet to be announced.



My Brilliant Career
Jungle Entertainment Pty Ltd
Genre Drama
Writer Liz Doran
Executive Producers Shay Spencer, Chloe Rickard, Liz Doran
Synopsis Sybylla Melvin, a headstrong country girl, must choose between everything a conventional life offers and her own plans for a ‘brilliant career’.

The Last Guests
Lingo Pictures Pty Ltd
Genre Drama, Thriller
Writer Giula Sandler
Producer Helen Bowden
Executive Producer Jason Stephens
Synopsis After renting out their vacation home online, faltering newlyweds Cain and Lina undergo a terrifying ordeal that strikes at the heart of their innermost secrets. A piercing dissection of shame, trust and surveillance in our most intimate of spaces. Based on the novel “The Last Guests” by J.P. Pomare.

Film Art Media
Genre Drama, Political Thriller
Lead writer Suzie Miller
Producers Sue Maslin, Charlotte Seymour
Synopsis Bruny is a political thriller/drama about love, loyalty and the new world order.

I Am That Pty Ltd
Genre Crime, Science Fiction, Neo Noir
Director Garth Davis
Writer Matt Vesely
Producer Samantha Lang
Executive Producers Garth Davis, Emile Sherman
Synopsis When an investigation into his daughter’s illness leads to signs of a shadowy government Agency experimenting with the subconscious, a police detective becomes trapped in an immersive reality.

Speaking In Tongues
See-Saw Films Pty Ltd
Genre Drama, Thriller
Writer Andrew Bovell
Producer Emile Sherman, Iain Canning
Executive Producers Liz Watts, Emilie Sherman, Iain Canning, Jan Chapman
Synopsis Interconnected lives are thrown into turmoil when a woman goes missing in mysterious circumstances.

Wheelhouse Productions
Genre Comedy
Writer Brendan Berne
Producer Matthew Gledhill, Ailish McElmeel
Development Executive Julia Flaster
Synopsis Western diplomats courageously decide to put self-interest before world peace after a dictator with a complex captures a North Korean scientist, looking to go nuclear.


Journey To The Stone Country
Ambience Entertainment
Genre Drama, Mystery
Writers Katherine Thomson, Chantelle Murray, Wesley Enoch, Isaac Drandic
Producers Michael Boughen, Matthew Street, Daryl Sparkes
Synopsis After her marriage dissolves, Annabelle Beck moves back to her hometown of Townsville, Queensland. She joins her archaeologist friend, Susan, exploring the mining fields of central Queensland and meets up again with a long lost childhood friend Indigenous officer, Bo Rennie. Bo takes Annabelle on his exploration of his traditional lands, the area she left as a young girl, and tells her of the secret “Elder’s Playground” deep in the Stone Country. Their professional relationship soon develops into a personal one. But both are historically interconnected in ways they could never imagine, a connection that could rip their relationship apart.

Rejecting Elle
Confidante Pictures
Writers Lauren Rowe, Mansoor Noor, Steve Anthopoulos
Producer Belinda Dean
Synopsis In this anti inspiration-porn comedy, a young woman with cystic fibrosis faces the wrath of everyone she loves when she impulsively decides to reject lifesaving treatment and face an early death.

Mad Dan Productions Pty Ltd
Genre Drama, Thriller, Crime, Mystery, Family
Creator Rowena Mohr
Directors Madeleine Dyer, Rachel Griffiths
Writers Madeleine Dyer, Daniel Mulvihill, Hannah Belanszky, Sam Carroll
Script Producer Sam Carroll
Producers Daniel Mulvihill, Madeleine Dyer, Rowena Mohr
Executive Producer Rachel Griffiths
Synopsis As four orphaned kids fight to save their family’s wildlife park from threatening outside forces, they come to realise that the greatest threats don’t always come from outside their sanctuary.

Girl, Interpreted
NG Pictures Pty Ltd
Genre Comedy, Drama
Writers Grace Feng Fang Juan, Nikki Tran
Synopsis On an expiring visa, a desperate Chinese graduate picks up easy work as a Mandarin interpreter hoping to stay in Australia, only to find herself ungracefully stomping on cultural landmines and confronting her definition of home and success.

Triple X
Glace Chase
Genre Comedy, Drama, Romance
Writer Glace Chase
Story Consultants Vanessa Alexander, Christiaan Van Vuuren, Davey Thompson
Synopsis Charismatic trans performer Dexie and straight wall-street banker bro Scotty battle the world and themselves in an explosive, sexy & illicit dramedy charting the impossibility of trans love. Based on Glace Chase’s hit play Triple X.

The Interloper
Luke Ryan
Genre Comedy, Drama
Director Ben Chessell
Writer Luke Ryan
Synopsis A downtrodden library clerk trades places with his charismatic doppelgänger, starring in a theatre production that delivers him adulation and a renewed sense of potency, yet confounds his sense of identity and endangers almost all that he has.

Unless Pictures
Genre Comedy, Drama
Creators Beatrix Christian, Meg O’Connell
Writers Meg O’Connell, Beatrix Christian, Boyd Quakawoot, Stuart Page
Development Producer Sanja Simić
Synopsis Una is a scientist. Has never been interested in giving birth. Sure, she’ll study the biology of other animals, but a stranger developing inside her? Nope. That’s a 40 week experiment she’s not keen to run. But then an ill-timed passion brings the experiment to her; a short-term lover gets long-term ideas; and a neighbourhood cat develops troubling symptoms that mirror her own. Now Una is convinced that a deadly parasite is using her to breed.

Silent Retreat
Unless Pictures & Audiocraft
Genre Action Adventure, Disaster
Writer/Creator Meg O’Connell
Executive Producer Kate Montague
Development Producer Sanja Simic
Audio Producer Jessica Hamilton
Synopsis The silence at a meditation retreat is interrupted.

Phi And Me Too
Northern Pictures Pty Ltd
Genre Comedy
Creators Fiona Chau, Diana Nguyen
Writers Diana Nguyen, Chi Nguyen
Script Producer Kelly Lefever
Producers Serena Hunt, Joe Weatherstone
Executive Producer Catherine Nebauer
Synopsis Phi and Me Too is a relationship comedy between a Vietnamese refugee mother Kim Huong and her Australian raised teenage daughter Phi. Kim Huong goes to outrageous lengths to give her daughter a better life, to love her and protect her from the big scary western (suburban) world. A beautiful balance of humour and heart – it’s tough love – The Viet Way!


Ding Dong I’m Gay Season 2
Wintergarden Pictures Pty Ltd
Genre Comedy
Writers Tim Spencer, Zoe Norton Lodge
Producer Tim Spencer, Rosie Braye
Executive Producer Joshua Longhurst
Synopsis A high-achieving neurotic seeks to guide his naive, newly-out country cousin through the urban gay experience, but his insecurities blind him to the genuine connection they share.

Haven’t You Done Well Productions
Genre Comedy
Producer Sam Lingham
Director/Producer Max Miller
Writers Madi Savage, Millie Holten, Ella Lawry
Synopsis Convinced they can save humanity from climate doom, three disgraced scientists descend the deepest and most treacherous hole in the ocean … the Mariana Trench.

Frances McNair
Director Natalie van den Dungen
Writers Frankie McNair, Harris Stuckey, Scout Boxall
Producers Emma Sharp, Evan Munro-Smith
Executive Producer Max Miller
Synopsis A depressed and socially anxious Banana tries to win therapy so they can win back their human ex-girlfriend.

Single: An Animated Series
Studio Antics Australia
Genre Action Adventure, Romantic Comedy, Animation
Creator Tilly Robba
Director Tilly Robba, Steph Jowett
Writer Ang Collins, Michael Costi
Producer Steph Jowett, Tilly Robba
Synopsis Dating isn’t easy, even for a cartoon character. ‘Single’ follows housemates Tilly, Luke and Bridie as they bamboozle their way through a trippy inner west kaleidoscope of blind dates, trendy pubs, casual hookups, gynaecologist appointments gone wrong and a bunch of other psychedelic encounters. Their hilariously unsuccessful quests for love in the Sydney cesspool of disappointment ultimately leads them to interrogate their own friendship.

The Hairy Marys
Ffunky Munky Productions
Genre Comedy, Drama
Creators/Writers Tamara Whyte, Michelle Crozier
Producers Serena Hunt, Tamara Whyte
Synopsis In the remote Northern Territory town of Nhulunbuy, sassy and intelligent single mums Queen Nwa and Revolution roll through the punches of their chaotic lives as carers to their children on the spectrum.

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