MAFS wraps season on high, Underbelly lifts for Nine.

Nine dominates Monday viewing, with Seven almost beaten by 10 for the night.

There were two reality finales on air last night, both produced by Endemol Shine Australia, but it was an easy victory for Nine.

Married at First Sight finished with its highest numbers all season, at 1.21m metro viewers. This concludes another hit season for Nine, having dominated Q1 and causing headaches for the competition.

MAFS reunion was more than double Australian Survivor‘s 551,000 -which rose to 631,000 for the moment Mark was announced as winner.

However, both shows were down on 2021 finales.

Also in early slots were 7:30 drew 553,000 then Australian Story (463,000), ABBA Forever (282,000) and Scotland: Escape To The Wilderness (128,000).

Underbelly: Vanishing Act didn’t just hold its audience from Part I, it actually lifted to 745,000 for Nine -an impressive feat. In its trail were Media Watch (361,000), Four Corners (351,000), Would I Lie to You? (243,000) Secrets Of The Tower Of London (127,000) and The Amazing Race (121,000).

Nine network easily won Monday with 37.7% then Seven 20.6%, 19.8%, ABC 15.3% and SBS 6.6%.

Nine News drew 958,000 / 905,000 for Nine. A Current Affair won its slot at 816,000. Hot Seat was 431,000 / 300,000.

Seven News won at 1.04m / 988,000 for Seven. The Chase was 571,000 / 357,000 then Home & Away (511,000). The Grammy Awards was 126,000 live with a repeat at just 54,000.

The Project drew 446,000 / 303,000 for 10. 10 News First drew 337,000 / 258,000.

ABC News was 668,000 for ABC. The Drum (158,000) and China Tonight (154,000) followed.

On SBS it was SBS World News (185,000 / 158,000), Mastermind (88,000) and Expedition with Steve Backshall (58,000).

Peppa Pig pounced back on the multichannel rankings at 137,000.

Sunrise: 259,000
Today: 231,000
News Breakfast: 128,000 /78,000

In Total TV numbers last Monday were:

La Brea: 627,000
Australian Survivor: 870,000
SAS Australia: 714,000
Married at First Sight: 1.97m
Media Watch: 727,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 4 April 2022

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  1. Underbelly Vanishing Act deserved the good ratings. It was alot better than expected, i think mostly since there were some good doses of dark humour in there. And i agree with others that the main actors made it work.

    I did say previously it was too soon & Nine were taking a huge legal risk if it turns out foul play was involved. I stand by those comments but that didn’t stop me from watching hah.

    1. I didn’t watch.
      Dramatising and sensationalising someone who ripped off people’s (including family and close friends) hard earned lifesavings is no joy.

  2. The very old TV in the beach side ‘getaway’ was a strong clue that it was a fantasy sequence in ‘Underbelly’-there was no way it could have received the news signal shown-no sign of a set top box converter and so old it couldn’t have connected to one anyway!

  3. Enjoyed Underbelly more than expected. Clearly a lot of creative licence taken, but who cares as its unlikely the full true story will ever come out anyway.

    Kate Atkinson and Colin Friels both excellent in their respective roles.

  4. I believe WouldILTY would have a much better chance of finding a returning audience if an editor could cut the 45 min eps down to 22 mins, getting rid of the superfluous chatter between the host and two teams.
    We much prefer the English version which makes everyone look intellectually brilliant and incredibly witty.
    Secondly, a Q for DK. Is Grant Denyer back under contract with the 7 stable?

    1. I’ve written a number of times of Australia’s predilection for one hour panel shows (with the exception of ABC). That’s because they’ve built the show and would rather run to 44 mins + ads, than build 2 shows. But it often shows on screen. As for Grant Denyer, I’m obviously not across every contract but my understanding is no.

  5. Underbelly was brilliant. Portraying Melissa Cadick as a modern day Kath from Kath and Kim was genius. I was in stitches throughout. Such good trashy drama, and it had me gripped for every minute.

  6. Stunning result for Underbelly. Kate Atkinson was brilliant and I hope it revives some interest in the traditional two-night mini series events on commercial tv.

    Old franchises like Survivor and Dancing no match for MAFS. Will be interesting to see if Seven renew Dancing given it only really appeals to the elderly but is still one of their top rating shows almost 20 years after it first hit our TV screens. Will Million Dollar Island finally topple MAFS in 2023?

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