Red Faces specials confirmed

Daryl Somers confirms two Red Faces specials later this year.

As previously tipped, two Red Faces specials will screen later this year on Seven.

Daryl Somers confirms the specials in the special Hey Hey it’s 100 Years will screens Sunday night in Melbourne & Adelaide (a week later in other cities).

Seven Head of Scheduling Brook Hall recently told TV Tonight, the special might even thrown some new acts.

“For Red Faces it wouldn’t be hard to do something new,” he said.

But will Red Symons be there?

In the ‘100’ special there is more archival footage and anniversary wishes from the likes of Kate Ceberano, James Reyne, a music salute from Delta Goodrem, and tributes to Shane Warne and The Amazing Johnathan.

The episode is also dedicated to Ernie Carroll who passed after it had been filmed.

But fans will particularly love some of the more obscure nods, which were not included last time… Bike Boy, Leslie Nielsen, David Strassman, Deane Hutton, and even Livinia Nixon, Andrew Fyfe, Crystal and producer Jack Strom.

7pm Sunday on Seven (Melbourne, Adelaide).

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  1. There’s doesn’t seem to be anywhere else you can comment on Hey Hey It’s 100 years as yet so I’ll comment here.
    It would appear bad programming and the expected drop off has occurred on the second special. 206k in Melbourne I think the 50 special was 415k.
    I think the 100 special will likely bring in a total capital city audience of 500k- 600k this time versus 1.22 mill last.
    It was never going to repeat those numbers but poor programming surely has seen the numbers shaved off dramatically in Melbourne and airing it on a long weekend in all markets over the next two weeks.
    I think a national broadcast on any other Sunday night would at least, have given the special 800k.

  2. Having lost Meat Loaf early this year it would be a nice tribute to him to show some of his appearances. He was on pretty frequently back in the day. There is some hilarious footage of him judging Red Faces when he took Red Symons hammer & banged his gong.

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