Australians to vote online for Eurovision 2022

No SMS voting this year, as Eurovision creates a new online voting platform, exclusively for Australia.

SMS voting is out for Australians this year at the Eurovision Song Contest.

All voting will be conducted online.

As always Australians can vote in the Live Semi Final in which we appear (Semi Final Two) and Live Grand Final, but cannot vote for Sheldon Riley.

Live broadcast of Semi Final 2, Friday 13 May, 5am (AEST)
Live broadcast of Grand Final, Sunday 15 May, 5am (AEST)

Here is the info from SBS:

Eurovision’s official voting partner Digame in Germany has created a new online voting platform, exclusively for Australia’s public Eurovision vote. This means there will be no SMS or Televoting in Australia during the live shows. All of Australia’s public votes will be received via the new online system.

The voting portal will be accessed via www.esc.vote, hosted by Digame. Votes will be limited to 20 per person and will cost 55c per vote.

You will be able to select which acts you want to vote for and how many votes per act (up to 20 votes total). How you allocate those votes is up to you: you could allocate 20 votes to one act, divide your votes between multiple acts, or just make one vote for your favourite.

Payment options are Google Pay, Apple Pay or Credit Card. Once payment has been received no more votes can be taken from that user. Full voting terms and conditions will be available on the voting platform.

Primetime replays
Semi Final 1 – Friday 13 May, 8.30pm
Semi Final 2 – Saturday 14 May, 8.30pm
Grand Final – Sunday 15 May, 7.30pm

TV Tonight is publishing Live results this week.

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  1. I’m usually really excited for Eurovision – in fact, I’ve been in-person twice – but I’m little uninspired this year. Not only is a relatively drab collection of songs, I think my brain has already decided that for reasons that have nothing to do with the song, Ukraine is going to win. While I don’t have anything against that per se as a show of solidarity from the rest of the continent (and Australia) for what’s happening in Ukraine, it does somewhat take away from the anticipation in the lead-up.

  2. This appears to be due to Telstra no longer offering Premium SMS services. I don’t believe votes SMS votes cost anything at Australia Decides this year (I didn’t seem to get charged for my votes in any event). Presumably this option allows it to remain monetised for SBS/EBU. Hope the website doesn’t crash…..

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