Friday Flashback: Cannonball

In 2017 Seven unleashed the "ultimate water battle".... they thought.

Back in 2017 Seven launched a new entertainment show, Cannonball, in which contestants flung themselves off a giant water slide and into the depths of Penrith’s Whitewater stadium.

Based on a Dutch format (and dusted off Seven’s shelf after filming some 12 months earlier) it was hosted by Ben Mingay and Tim Ross, with referee Rachael Finch. Up for grabs were two new Suzuki Vitaras and $35,000 in cash.

But the big lesson? Always film this sorta stuff at nighttime, when lights and pyros can make it look mor exciting.

Only 513,000 viewers tuned in for its premiere -fourth in its slot, and well down on the 1.13m who tuned into the Celebrity Splash launch several years earlier (it too sank fast).

It only took Seven 2 hours to yank Cannonball out of its timeslot, relegated to dog-paddling in late night slots until the last episode dripped out.

Farewell to all who sailed in her…

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  1. I really enjoyed Cannonball! It seems that all the shows I like don’t go too well in the ratings!

    However, I do agree with you David. This show needed to be filmed at night, with fireworks & pyrotechnics!

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