Home & Away: May 16 – 26

Romantic sparks, revenge and an armed robbery in Summer Bay.

These new storylines will play out in Home & Away over the next two weeks on Seven.

A brewing romance between two young lovebirds reaches an emotional crescendo this week, when a smitten Theo (Matt Evans) goes all out to take Chloe’s (Sam Barrett) mind off her troubled home life, whisking her off to a surprise picnic. The grand gesture is made even sweeter by a talented Theo serenading her with his guitar. Sparks may be flying, but do Summer Bay’s newest hot couple have what it takes to last the distance?

The fallout from last week’s deadly car crash continues to intensify, with the forensic evidence now pointing to Logan (Harley Bonner) being at fault. Is Logan responsible for a young woman’s death? Is the hotshot Doctor’s world about to come crumbling down?

Mackenzie’s (Emily Weir) dance with the devil takes a dangerous turn when she finds herself out of money and out of her depth in the illicit poker underworld. Having declined PK’s (Ryan Johnson) indecent proposal to clear her debt in exchange for spending the night with him, Mackenzie is reeling when she realises how close she is to losing everything. But when Dean (Patrick O’Connor) tells her PK was only lying to get her into bed, an incensed Mackenzie wants only one thing: revenge.

Mackenzie’s attempt to play PK at his own game backfires badly, as an armed robbery at Salt leads to Tane (Ethan Browne) fighting for his life in a pool of his own blood. Will a devastated Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) have to watch the man she loves die in her arms?

It’s not only Mackenzie that PK and his cronies have their eye on, in the wake of the robbery, Dean is shocked to receive a threat against his son, Jai. A fearful Dean decides to take matters into his own hands and calls in reinforcements: the River Boys. Just how far will he go to protect his family?

7.00pm Monday to Thursday on Seven

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