Paramount+ 40 million global subscribers

Paramount+ increased 6.8m global subscribers in Q1.

Paramount+ has confirmed 40 million global subscribers in quarterly results.

Paramount+ increased 6.8m subscribers in Q1 driven by titles including Halo, 1883, Star Trek: Picard and Acapulco Shore.

Across the wider Paramount ecosystem there are now 62 million subscribers, including Showtime.

Ad-supported Pluto TV has 68 million users monthly, up from more than 64 million at the end of 2021.

CBS became the most-watched US network for the 14th consecutive season. Ratings for the NFL Playoffs and NCAA Tournament were up double digits year-over-year, and CBS had the top two scripted series (FBI and NCIS), #1 new series (Ghosts), #1 comedy (Young Sheldon), #1 news program (60 Minutes), #1 Late Night show (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert), and continued to be the most-watched US network in Daytime.

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  1. All the confusion about who purchased who did not help when the Paramount+ brand was officially started, replacing CBS All Access. I suspect the industry intrigue will still continue as a number of well known brands like MTV, Showtime, Comedy Central, BET, and Nickelodeon could become future disposable assets for Paramount+, if their finances get tight.

  2. So without checking pricing and keeping things simple assume around US$100 per year per customer so $4billion in revenue per year – so not to be sniffed at even if a long way behind other streamers. Whether it offsets losses elsewhere in the Viacom portfolio due to the general switch to streaming I’m not sure – though I imagine eith their slate of shows trending earlier CBS may be more robust than others.

  3. Neflix, Amazon and have over 200m and Disney+ 130m in just over a year. You can see the effect of First Mover advantage on the internet. By 4th it’s taken Viacom two attempts and a lot of money to get to 40m, and they’ve been cannibalising from Showtime and damaged it. Apple only has 25m even though they can leverage iPhones and iPads to get subscribers.

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