The Voice, Insiders big Sunday drawcards, as Celeb Apprentice sees soft launch

Insiders beats most primetime shows with huge numbers. The Voice tops entertainment in an easy win for Seven.

Devouring the wash-up of election night saw ABC draw big audiences on Sunday morning.

Insiders drew 488,000 -outranking most primetime shows- plus another 276,000 on ABC News channel. That was a total of 764,000 metro viewers, its best all year and potentially a show record.

In primetime The Voice easily won its slot at 781,000 ahead of MasterChef Australia (447,000) and Grand Designs (414,000) but Celebrity Apprentice (404,000) saw Nine lose half its audience.

60 Minutes at least won its slot with 400,000 then 7News Spotlight  (321,000), FBI (225,000) but Barons bombed at 118,000.

Seven network easily won Sunday with 33.6% then Nine 24.8%, 10 17.8%, ABC 15.5% and SBS 8.3%.

Seven News was #1 at 1.07m for Seven.

Nine News (961,000) was best for Nine with a late edition at 235,000.

The Sunday Project was 374,000 / 278,000. 10 News First drew 251,000 / 200,000

ABC News was 668,000 for ABC. Antiques Roadshow, Compass (both 175,000) and Life (93,000) followed.

On SBS it was Viking Empires (182,000), SBS World News (217,000 / 154,000) and Blitz Spirit With Lucy Worsley (70,000).

In Total TV numbers last Sunday were:

FBI: 426,000
The Voice: 1.36m
Lego Masters: 1.12m
Barons: 261,000

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 22 May 2022

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  1. Hi David, the ABC didn’t show Grand Designs last night. Instead, ABC News was extended to 8pm (post-election special) followed by a repeat episode of Hard Quiz, then Barons at 8.30pm as scheduled.

      1. You can use maths. The Election special in the News slot was 668k. News/Hard Quiz averaged 414k for 18/48 minutes. So Hard Quiz rated around 170k. Mostly people waiting around for Barons but some who don’t watch the contests on commercial TV. Not that it’s important what an unscheduled program on the ABC rates.

        1. It’s not his job to speculate or “do maths” on supplied data. OzTam supply the numbers based on programming supplied by the network.

  2. Interesting, we didn’t get Grand Designs in Queensland due to an hour ABC news, which I thought was ridiculous considering they have a dedicated news channel! I realise a Federal election is a significant event, but I wasn’t impressed.
    Plus the new David Attenborough series that was bumped to GEM after two weeks on the main channel is now off due to the French open… sometimes programmers really don’t plan things very well! But then viewers habits aren’t a consideration in the grab for ratings!

  3. At least in NSW (and I suspect nationwide), ABC News ran for an hour and then a 30 minute repeat episode of Hard Quiz. If that repeat rated 414,000, then ABC definitely know what they can use a filler content when they need too. Will be interesting to see how Apprentice heads up against Big Brother and Masterchef tonight.

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