United Australia Party policy launch goes primetime

Even network bosses admit they are "sick" of political ads, but happy to let them buy up the airtime.

The United Australia Party has purchased primetime airtime from Networks 10 and Seven for their Policy Launch 2022, following a Saturday afternoon broadcast on Nine.

It will screen at 9pm tonight on 7flix and 9:45pm tomorrow night on 10.

10 sources confirmed UAP had purchased the slot for the hour.

A voice over and text and the beginning and end of the program says, “The following program has been produced and paid for by the United Australia Party. Authorised by Clive Palmer for the United Australia Party, Brisbane.”

UAP’s mega-spend across media for paid political advertising has been a boon to the three networks.

In a note to staff Paramount ANZ bosses Beverley McGarvey and Jarrod Villani even conceded, “….an election campaign doesn’t happen without the ads. If you’re like us you would be sick of seeing them right now, which means our revenue ad sales team have done a sensational job. Well done.”

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