Urzila Carlson out of The Masked Singer

Urzila Carlson is not returning to 10 reality series because she is on a comedy tour.

Urzila Carlson is not returning to The Masked Singer this year on 10 because she is on a comedy tour.

“I’m not actually doing it this year,” she confirmed to fellow judge Jackie O. and Kyle Sandilands on KISS FM yesterday.

“The first year I was just filling in for Lindsay (Lohan). And the second year we thought ‘Alright, Lindsay will be back, surely.’

“We don’t know who’s going to be in the seat.”

10 is yet to confirm her replacement but has previously noted interest in welcoming back Lindsay Lohan if travel permits, even entertaining the idea of a panel of 5.

“There’s no reason. You’d have to make sure that you’ve balanced it properly editorially, so you didn’t just have a lot of talking, less singing. So there’s that element to consider,” said Beverley McGarvey Executive Vice President of ViacomCBS ANZ.

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  1. I would say all judges would have different pay rates depending on their star power and what the networks think how much value they bring to the show. Urzila would be the lowest paid as she has the smallest profile. Danni, Hughesy and Jackie O all have big social media platforms and I am sure that also comes into it and who is prepared to work those platforms the hardest. Danni Minogue does. But I am sure Lisa Wilkinson would disagree with all of this.

  2. So disappointed that Urzila isn’t doing The Masked Singer this year. She was fun as a judge and very funny. But I hope Lindsay Lohan comes back this year.

    1. I was going to mention Micallef, but resisted as I’m always suggesting him for this and that. His cynicism would make the show a crack-up. I hadn’t considered Amanda Keller, but she would be a great choice. Gretel Killeen, who appeared in season 1 would also make a great panelist or host (and in the latter case, we’d be spared from Günsberg’s incessant shrieking), but she’s so used to sticky-beaking that she’ll probably take the fun out of the show by correctly identifying all of the guests. 😛

  3. Fantastic news. But please, no more “comedians”. I wish they would replace Hughes as well.

    And it would be fun to have Lohan back, as much as she was a fish out of water in the first season.

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