Where is Amy Shark?

Competing contestant or guest star in Nine series?

Is Amy Shark a one-off guest or a competing contestant on Celebrity Apprentice?

The singer-songwriter was teased as part of the cast by Nine in mid-April, but three episodes in she is yet to appear.

Some media reports claim she joins the last few contestants during filming in Manly, which might suggest she is a guest only…. which is fine but odd to then include her alongside the ensemble in promos and media kit.

A Nine spokesperson told TV Tonight it has run teasers for her debut and another will drop on Sunday.


Updated: Nine advises Shark is a competing contestant.

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  1. Shock horror, false advertising. They are not the only one. I would get annoyed when the next episode would not have the featured ‘event’ they were teasing in their advert. Or coming up next and ‘next’ is three adverts later.
    I have stated before their needs to be more regulation to these misleading practices.

  2. The previous season they had 2 contestants enter midway through so maybe a repeat of that. Not a fan of Janine Allis on the show. Chooses her favourites and is constantly biased against those not in her favourites, is all over the place in the criteria for the competition aspect. Alan Sugar looks like hes spoon-fed all the info and disinterested generally. He never mentions Amstrad or Tottenham hotspur….makes you wonder what has he actually achieved in life apart from being a celebrity big mouth.

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