2022 Gold Logie nominee: Sonia Kruger

"I did host every show on Channel Seven last year and deserve it more than everyone else!" jokes Sonia Kruger.

Seven’s hard-working host Sonia Kruger is up for a Gold Logie this Sunday.

Here’s her pitch on why she deserves your vote….

How does it feel to be a Gold Logie nominee for 2022?

SK: It’s very exciting. It’s been a while coming though… I mean, I just turned 40 for crying out loud. But seriously, ANY excuse to go to the Gold Coast, I’m there.

What’s been the highlight of your TV work over the past year?
SK: You might have noticed, I’ve done a bit of television this year so it’s hard to pick a favourite. I’m very fortunate, I get to do a lot of fun things. Hosting SAS Australia was a gas. I took the heels off, wore a fake beard and called myself Ant Middleton. MOST fun I’ve had in ages making Locky Gilbert cry.

Give us your best campaign lobbying… why should viewers vote for you?
SK: Look Karl, Tom, Hamish and Ray already have a Gold Logie at home so it’s high time for one of the girls to get a turn. And it’s not a popularity contest but I did host every show on Channel Seven last year and deserve it more than everyone else. Plus, I’ve been eating salads every meal for a year. Don’t let that be for nothing.

If not you… then who?
SK: Ray Meagher. Because he’s a living legend who’s been in our lounge rooms as Alf in Home and Away just about every night since 1988. By my calculations he’s clocked up around 40,000 television hours… which means he’s just eclipsed my total this year. So Ray wins.

Live voting for all the Most Popular awards, including the Gold Logie, is open right through until the end of the red carpet telecast on June 19. Fans can now vote for their favourites from the shortlisted nominees at tvweeklogiesvote.com

62nd TV Week Logie Awards 7pm Sunday June 19 on Nine.

7 Responses

  1. Before the noms came out this year I was wondering why Sonia had not been up for Gold before, considering she has had multiple hosting roles on both 7 and 9 in recent years. I pondered, whether it was her distinctive style of presenting and her irreverence that for some (like me, is appreciated), but not everyone thinks it amusing or clever. I think she is very witty and quite ribald at times. It is great to see a new name there. That said I have no clue as to who will win this year.

  2. Don’t watch most the shows associated with SK (did watch the voice) but it is refreshing to see light hearted responses. Personalities taking themselves seriously like they’re researching a cure for cancer is a major turn off for me.

  3. Just because you hosted just about every show on Channel Seven last year doesn’t automatically give you the right to the gold Logie Sonia. It’s about popularity of the viewer, not effort and I know I’m speaking the truth when I say that there are a lot of people out there who can’t stand you and can’t understand why Seven are so insistent on sticking you down our throats on most Seven reality shows. I’m not a fan of your presenting style at all and think there are much more worthy recipients out there who resonate more with viewers…

      1. Agreed, there’s a clear jovialness about her answers which would be pretty hard to miss (like her crack that Ray Meagher’s 40,000 hrs on TV would just beat her total this year LOL).

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