Australian Ninja Warrior 2022: guide

New hosts, new obstacles, teen Ninjas and celebrities in Nine's sixth season.

Australian Ninja Warrior returns for its sixth season.

There are nine episodes this season with new hosts, US tennis champ Jim Courier, presenter Leila McKinnon and KIIS FM hosts Will and Woody as sideline commentators.

This year for the very first time, athletes aged 16 and 17 have been allowed to enter the competition, taking on their heroes and a chance to scale Mt Midoriyama.

2022 also sees the introduction of new obstacles, including the Power Pool which replaces the Power Tower. Competing on the Power Pool course, the four “furthest fastest” Ninjas each night of the heats will go head-to-head on obstacles high above the water with a five-metre drop – the largest drop in Australian Ninja Warrior history. The winner of the Power Pool course that night earns the right to choose who he or she will be competing against in the semi-final.

The Ninja who goes furthest fastest in the Grand Final wins, and takes home $100,000. However if a Ninja conquers Mt Midoriyama they will win the series, claim the title of Australia’s Ninja Warrior and take home $200,000.

This series will also see ten Australian celebrities tackle the course for charity in “half time challenges.” Sport stars, actors and TV presenters, including Jack Vidgen, Archie Thompson, Emily Seebohm, will battle it out to win $10,000 for their chosen charity.

Number of people who applied for Season 6: 2310
Number of people who were invited to Try Outs for Season 6: 484
Number of Ninjas competing: 128
Number of “Attack of the Teens” (16 and 17 year old’s) competing: 32


The Top 18 from each Heat go through to the Semi-finals – based on furthest fastest. The nights four furthest fastest Ninja’s compete in the Power Pool.

Semi Finals

For the first time 12 pairs of Ninjas will compete head-to-head in each of the Semi Finals. The first Ninja to reach the buzzer on top of the dual Warped Walls, (or the furthest fastest) will knock out their opponent and proceed to the Grand Finals. They then continue onto tackle the final three Semi Finals obstacles. The furthest fastest from each Semi Final wins the Second Chance Advantage which can be used in Grand Final or Grand Final 2. The Top 12 from each Semi Final go through to the Grand Final.

Grand Final

The competitor who goes furthest in the fastest time will take home $100,000 and will be deemed the winner. However, if they conquer Mt Midoriyama, in the fastest time, they will win $200,000 and take home the title of Australia’s Ninja Warrior.

Stage 1
The Top 36 compete not only head to head against another Ninja but also against the clock – in order to progress to Stage 2, they must beat their opponent to the buzzer on the Warped Wall and complete all obstacles on the course in 5min 10sec. It’s a sudden death knockout for Ninjas who don’t make it to the Warped Wall buzzer first. A maximum of 18 Ninjas could go through to Grand Final Stage 2, but only if they complete all the obstacles in the time limit.

Sprinting Steps
Launchpad to Eagles Claw
Cat Grab
Salmon Ladder to Bar Hop
Spring Forward
Warped Wall (4.35m)
Lightning Bolts
Triple Corkscrew
Underwater Escape

Stage 2
All the Ninjas who completed Grand Final Stage 1 within the time limit can attempt Stage 2, with the clock counting down from 5min 30sec. They must complete the Stage 2 course in the time limit to then progress to Stage 3.If no one completes Stage 2, the Ninja who goes the furthest and fastest will be declared the winner and take home $100,000. If a Ninja hits the buzzer within the 5min 30 sec time limit, they are through to Stage 3 of the Grand Final.

Battering Ram
Thread The Needle
Barrel Roll
Air Surfer
Spin Hopper to V Formation
The Invertor

Stage 3
All Ninjas who complete Stage 2 within the time limit may attempt Stage 3 and be in the running to win $100,000. With Stage 3, there is no time limit to complete the course. They must complete all obstacles to progress to Mt Midoriyama. The Ninja who makes it furthest on the course in the fastest time will be deemed the winner and will pocket the $100,000 prize.

Criss Cross Salmon to Sling Shot
Deja Vu
Crazy Cliffhanger
The Dungeon
Flying Bar

However, if a Ninja or Ninjas complete Stage 3 of the course, they have earned the right to scale the 20 metre Rope Climb to the top of Mt Midoriyama. The fastest Ninja to conquer Mt Midoriyama will win the series and claim the title of Australian Ninja Warrior and a $200,000 total prize.

7:30pm Monday – Wednesday on Nine.

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  1. this year I am giving this a miss always show the same ninjas over and over again … and we miss new ones in the break and they make it on score board and we have not seen them at all …
    Goodbye Ninjas

  2. I think VOD numbers will be the key for this year, given how other reality series (part from MAFS) are seemingly viewed. I think this is skewed to younger viewers who can stream when then they want.
    I also think the host revamp and letting younger contestants enter refreshes the program.
    While there’s the athleticism and eye candy, I simply could not watch due to Ben Fordham and Rebecca Maddern’s commentary/expressions – over-exaggerated and didn’t gel well together.

    1. Totally agree. Commentators should at least look and feel like they’re actually fans of the action going on. Ben and Bec looked and sounded like bland, generic Nine reporters with no specialised field whatsoever…which is exactly what they were.

  3. I get hte feeling that we will see the same old Ninja contestants over and over again. It gets tedious when we have to see the same old contestants over again.
    Sorry I wont be watching this show. I think that this show will flop harder becuase having 2 hours of Ninja Warrior can be an overkill.

    1. I feel the opposite. Last season they did bring in plenty of fresh blood and there were a couple of shock big hitters who didn’t progress. And the new hosting set up can only be a good thing. I’m looking forward to it.

        1. Courier has been the voice of our Aussie summers for the past 18 years, in famous fashion, surely his Yanky accent and style are what viewers would like/be used to? Maybe because it’s not a Grand Slam tennis match but a structured reality show with non-sport presenters might be a little different at first though.

          I’m personally looking forward to the re-freshed show and Leila and Jim, nice change-up I reckon.

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