Bachelor shakes up opening episode

Out this year: girls stepping out of a limo onto the Bachelor red carpet.

This year’s Bachelor is shaking things up for the format with three single men on the Gold Coast.

But it won’t be the only change.

TV Tonight understands there won’t be the traditional parade of girls stepping out of a limousine onto a red carpet either.

In fact it could be that the women have already met their men have to be invited to the new-look Bachelor pad.

“There’s certainly a mechanic in the early episodes that’s different to what we’ve done before, ss to how the girls come into the mansion,” said Daniel Monaghan, Senior Vice President, Content and Programming, Paramount ANZ.

“We still have that traditional moment of a cocktail party. It’s just now there are three men and a lot more women in that in that cocktail party.

“There is a ‘mechanic’ initially, in that first episode to get the women in. But in that first episode, they still arrive into the mansion, the new Gold Coast pad.”

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  1. Is this just going to turn into Bachelor in Paradise or Love Island now…just with way fewer men.

    As all that it seems to be is everyone just entering the mansion on the first night together without having to meet the bachelors first.

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