Million Dollar Murders: June 6

16-year-old Lee Ellen Stace was last seen alive in 1997 when she was hoping to hitch-hike home to Brooms Head, NSW.

On Million Dollar Murders this week retired Detective Superintendent Deborah Wallace delves into an unsolved 1997 murder in NSW.

Twenty years can pass in the blink of an eye for some, but for Peter and Robyn Stace, they have felt every single day.

Because every day that goes by is another 24 hours, they don’t have justice for their teenage daughter Lee Ellen Stace, whose murder in 1997 remains unsolved.

On the day the blonde, beach-loving 16-year-old was last seen alive it’s understood she was hoping to hitch-hike home to Brooms Head, NSW, after finishing work at a supermarket, a job she had started two weeks earlier. MDM has discovered new information that indicates Lee knew her killer or killers, and there are people keeping secrets and have told lies, about her murder.

NSW Police, the Stace family and Lee’s friends hope this new information and a one Million Dollar reward will finally crack the veil of silence surrounding this case.

9pm Monday on Nine.

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