Nine confirms Grown Up Love dating series

Kate Langbroek hosts new series in which single parents are looking for love a second time around.

Nine today confirmed its new dating series Grown Up Love in which sees parents ready to find “the one” second time around and re-enter the modern dating world.

Hosted by Kate Langbroek, the series sees a group of parents come together in the hope of making a genuine, lasting connection that could ultimately lead to true love.

ITV Studios Australia is producing the series with single parents aged 40 – 60, and their 18+ kids.

Divorced or widowed, these single parents have had their hearts broken, been the heartbreakers, lost the love of their lives, or maybe never even known true love. And now they are ready to find their dating confidence again, jumping in the deep end at a stunning private retreat where they will have to navigate all the pitfalls of trying to establish a new relationship.

From touching, major breakthroughs to shocking confessions, the parents lay it all on the line at the retreat, where the experience shines a whole new light on their lives and delivers some unexpected twists that could dramatically shape their romantic journey in game-changing ways.

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  1. The demographic is an important factor here being 40 – 60, and their 18+ kids. It’s easier with the kids grown up. They’re becoming adults. Where as a demographic that is overlooked are single parents with young children. In dating and talk shows of the past, that demographic had really drawn on the heartstrings. The parents wanting love again but also looking for the other parental figure and provider for the children. That’s where the greater emotional factor is in terms of being able to find a partner or not, and the reactions and outcomes. It’s more consequential and dramatic.

    Kate will be a great host. The appeal loss for me in the brief for the show is the demographic. I was hoping that they’d take on the challenge of finding love with the demographic of single parents with young children. Though the 40 – 60, and their 18+ kids would be more lighthearted and maybe that’s what they’re going for.

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