Scott Cam humble pie: “I wish Joel and Elle success in the future”

After his outburst at a quitting team, The Block host digs deep for a kinder, gentler concession.

Earlier this week a very frank Scott Cam hit out at former contestants on The Block who had quit the show on Day 2 of filming, describing their actions as “unAustralian” and “piss poor.”

Yesterday at a Block media event at the new Gisborne site, Cam addressed the “elephant in the room.”

“I want to say that that’s just me being me,” he said of his outburst.

“Obviously, I wish Joel and Elle success in the future. It’s just that they created a fair bit of chaos for us here in the first 48 hours of our show. We put a lot of time and money into the start of our show and then we had to rejig the whole thing. The whole promo had to be reshot. It just was a lot of angst on our part, when they just parted the way they did. The great news is when they left, we got another couple to come and they’re terrific.

“They’re a great young couple with young kids. So that’s what The Block‘s about. Someone leaves, someone comes. But of course, Joel & Elle, I hope they go well and have great success in the future. It’s just sometimes The Block‘s not for everybody. And when I say those words, that’s just Scott Cam speaking.”

The Gisborne site is enormous with homes just two weeks from completion. Each home is also on its own massive parcel of land, making these unlike any previous season.

The series is expected in August.

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