Scott Cam slams Block quitters as ‘unAustralian’

Block host lets rip at couple who quit the series after 48 hours, and a "piss-poor" effort.

Scott Cam has slammed contestants who quit The Block after 2 days, describing their efforts as ‘unAustralian.’

Speaking today at a Nine post-Logies media brunch, the host didn’t hold back, but admitted it would make for great television.

“We have a controversy on Day 2 of the series,” he explained.

“We had a 48 hour challenge to choose the house that you get and they scarpered after 48 hours. It’s something that’s never happened before.

“45,000 people applied to be on The Block and win life-changing money. These guys got on and they just couldn’t handle the pace after 48 hours. Which to me is a bit unAustralian! ‘Have a go!’ he insisted.

“It’s piss-poor.”

Nine is yet to formally confirm its cast for The Block: Tree Change, filming in Gisborne, Victoria, but media reports in April , the Daily Telegraph reported influencer Elle Ferguson and her fiance, former AFL player Joel Patfull, had to quit the season after Patfull’s mother suffered a nasty fall.

The 18th season has not been without its challenges including a lack of sufficient tradespeople to meet its deadline and punishing weather conditions.

“We’ve got a 70 acre site. 5 x 10acre blocks. It’s been raining for a month. It’s minus 7 and I’m ready to go home!” Cam admitted.

“This actually is the biggest Block ever. I’ve been bullshitting the whole way through about the ‘biggest Block ever.’ And now I’m the boy who cried wolf because it actually is the biggest Block ever!”

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  1. Just shows they treat contestants as fodder rather than have any concerns for contestants mental health, both in making the decision to quit at tge time and also how they’ll be affected when it is broadcast. The host branding them “un-Australian” is basically giving viewers an invitation to abuse them.

    It’s even worse given the reported circumstances were due to a family emergency. It’s Scott Cam coming across as “un-Australian” by having such a lack of empathy.

  2. Not just difficulty finding tradespeople. Word is crew have been difficult to acquire too. The conditions, distance from Melbourne and distance between sites have all been obstacles.

  3. I think this is a little harsh from Scott – didn’t Elle & Joel quit the show because of Elle’s mother having a nasty fall and had nothing to do with the effort they put in?

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