Seven “the undisputed leader in total TV nationally”

Since acquiring Prime, Seven is buoyed by the strength of its metro + regional power.

As the halfway point of the calendar year approaches, Seven is claiming #1 nationally in total people in commercial share.

In the television survey year to 18 June it is also claiming #1 in 25 to 54s and #1 in 16 to 39s in commercial share.

In the metro cities Seven claims #1 in total people so far this survey year and the only commercial network that has increased its audience shares in total people, 25 to 54s and 16 to 39s.

7plus is also claiming #1 nationally, with a 45% share of the commercial free-to-air BVOD market in 2021-22 and more than 12.5 million registered, verified users.

Seven West Media Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, James Warburton, said: “The acquisition of Prime has made Seven the undisputed leader in total TV nationally, giving clients access to the #1 position in all demos. We are #1 in broadcast and 7plus is the fastest growing BVOD service in Australia.”

He reiterated a desire for daily combined broadcast and BVOD data.

“For more than two decades, our industry audience data has not changed with the times and has ignored the fundamental shift in the way people are watching TV. Linear overnight viewing numbers are our smallest numbers, yet we keep sending them out every day,” he said.

“All networks need to greenlight the addition of BVOD viewing to the overnight linear viewing numbers to create an industry-wide daily total TV report. The seven-day total TV data sent out each day by OzTAM is great for telling the catch-up viewing story over the previous week, but it is not enough. We are capturing overnight BVOD viewing data and we should be providing that information publicly.

“It makes no sense to hide overnight BVOD viewing information from public gaze. As an industry, we need to be celebrating our success and the strength of free-to-air TV across all platforms.”

Amongst upcoming highlights are 2022 Commonwealth Games from July 28.

“The Commonwealth Games will be a huge total TV event this year, with all the sport Australians love to watch in prime time every single day, plus great content across the day. Our hosting team led by Bruce McAvaney will deliver what promises to be the country’s second biggest ever broadcast and digital event following Seven’s award-winning coverage of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020,” Warburton said.

After the Commonwealth Games, Seven will lreturn MKR with Nigella Lawson and Manu Feildel, a new season of AGT with David Walliams, Alesha Dixon, Kate Ritchie and Shane Jacobson.

The second half also includes the AFL Final Series, Supercars Bathurst 1000Farmer Wants A Wife, Kitchen Nightmares, This Is Your Life and newly-confirmed specials The Best and Worst of Red Faces.

It has not confirmed crime drama Claremont, previously announced for 2022.

Confirmed for 2023 are Million Dollar Island hosted by Ant Middleton; season two of  RFDS; and the return of Australian Idol.

Seven’s Chief Content Officer, Entertainment Programming, Angus Ross, said: “Our schedule for the back half is the strongest we have ever had – with an amazing combination of the best entertainment, sport, news and drama – and we have big plans and big shows for 2023, including several new shows we haven’t announced yet.

“Seven is clearly #1 so far in 2022 and we are going to make sure we take the crown for the full year, again.”

Seven Chief Revenue Officer, Kurt Burnette, said: “Seven’s momentum and growth in reach and audience continues nationally across all screens and in the capital cities, regional Australia and digital. We are seeing strong demand from clients, particularly in terms of utilising 7REDiQ, our market-leading customer data platform to access the 12.5 million registered, verified users of 7plus to create actionable insights.

“We are also seeing unprecedented interest in the next wave of content that will be broadcast and streamed into Australian homes, including the Commonwealth Games, MKR, AGT, Australian Idol and Million Dollar Island. These will be huge audience moments that will deliver high engagement, high impact and proven results for brands.

“As we head into a new financial year, there has been no better time for advertisers to use the power of total TV and the certainty offered by the national market leader – Seven,” he said.

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  1. Is this a typo perhaps (in body of main story)…? Where it reads as follows:

    “It has not confirmed crime drama *Commonwealth Games*, previously announced for 2022.”

  2. “He reiterated a desire for daily combined broadcast and BVOD data”. As an advertiser that figure would be meaningless. We don’t want to know how many watched program X. We just want to know how many watched program X when my commercial(s) played. Last night’s Seven News Sydney on 7plus ran 44 minutes. A few random commercials but, except for Woolworths, none of the commercials that aired in the FTA broadcast. I was interested in seeing a rerun of the Melanoma Institute story hence my interest in watching Seven News twice. So, “combined broadcast and BVOD data” would be meaningless to advertisers as it would in no way reflect the number of viewers seeing my commercial. Or am I missing something in this latest Warburton-waffle?

    1. Yes, you’re missing the point.
      Advertisers already get exact audience data on who saw their spot by market across broadcast and BVOD.
      Advertisers don’t look at program averages. They look at gender, age, occupation, grocery buyers and more that watched their commercial across Metro, Regional or BVOD.

      This data is for media to use, to include total TV audiences (Live, BVOD and catch-up across Australia).
      Across all media, most articles are based on Metro Overnight numbers.
      Why exclude Regional numbers, or BVOD numbers any longer?
      It makes no sense to dilute numbers and exclude viewers that are watching the same program.

  3. Prime 7 news was supposed to rebrand as 7 news but this hasn’t happened yet as much as I love the prime brand I’m curious to see how it’s on air presentation will change to 7 news

  4. I have a question. If Seven didnt have the Afl rights would they still be no 1? Its my understanding that this is the key to a broadcaster winning

    1. Chembroz, a few thoughts: yes, afl is key to sevens weekly wins but the so called “spine” of programming is decent for seven given they are number one with morning and evening news; prime time viewing SUN-WED has been their challenge especially against MAFS (and I guess the block) and seven have done a decent enough job with their offerings – SAS and the voice may not be winning but do well enough combined with the afl (especially after 7 day numbers) to win the week. The point is seven do (for now at least) have the afl rights and have had the rights for most of the last 50 years.

    2. Their main key is not just the AFL, but daytime programming. Seven has dominated in daytime programming thanks to Sunrise, Morning Show, 7 News, The Chase and a midday movie. Seven News dominate for so many years in Adelaide and Perth becuase of not just Footy, but the number of years of experience in news reading. Rick and Sue have been on Seven since 1985 and they’ve continued its domination in the ratings.
      Cricket is also driving Seven’s audiences (although it is simulcast with Fox), especially in regional areas.

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