Shane Warne manager objects to Nine bio drama.

James Erskine plans to complain to Nine over their planned drama on the late cricketing great.

Nine’s recent announced of a Shane Warne bio drama has sparked criticism from Warne’s long time manager, James Erskine.

The Herald Sun reports pre-production is gathering with casting agents on the lookout for a lead actor to play the late spinball king.

“He’s only been dead for a couple of months and for them to turn this around and think about doing some sensational thing, well they should be ashamed of themselves,” Erskine told the newspaper.

“I will be writing to Peter Costello because he is their chairman and saying, please explain.”

Warne worked for Nine for 23 years but the family is yet to be formally approached.

Seven previously announced an unauthorised bio-project in 2017, but did not proceed.

“His life was so intriguing, and a work in progress. It became more intriguing and interesting with every passing year and it’s a tragedy that Shane died so young. But the outpouring of grief adds an extra dimension. He’s definitely flawed, but a genius, a rogue and a rascal, Nine’s Head of Drama Andy Ryan has previosuly told TV Tonight.

“We’ve seen the best and worst of ourselves in him. At the core, he was a genius cricketer but we don’t want to tell just a story about a genius cricketer. He was also a cultural icon but we don’t just want to tell a story about a cultural icon.”

Erskine also noted, “Why would Nine even go there? It’s a disgrace and I will certainly be making my voice heard.”

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  1. Unauthorised documentaries and biopics are the DVDs that are sent straight to the bargain boxes in the shops. I wouldn’t be happy if an unauthorised program was made about me. Very tacky. What would Warnie think?

  2. When I made similar comments when this was announced, I was surprised nothing was said immediately. But good on him for speaking up, very sad of nine to capitalise on his death

      1. Big difference between a ‘biopic’ and a ‘tribute’. Can’t remember a Biopic / Drama about a much loved Aussie going into production so soon after their death eg they didn’t make the TV movie about Graham Kennedy straight after his death nor screen it after Bert’s death because he features in it. Ditto Steve Irwin only had tributes not a biopic straight after etc. Show some respect to family 9 and a bit of good taste.

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