1.38m: Neighbours finale lifts in last week’s ratings

Updated: Soapie finale lifts 27% in viewing to a Total TV number of 1.38m viewers.

Update: OzTAM has this afternoon reissued numbers for Neighbours finale as follows:

Total TV numbers for Neighbours finale has seen its numbers lift from 1.088m overnight viewers (873,000 metro / 215,000 regional) to a new number of 1.382m in Total TV.

Total TV adds together Overnight + Regional + BVOD (both Live & catch up) giving it a lift of 27% on its Overnight metro number.

This puts the show just behind Underbelly: Vanishing Act‘s 1.507m but the number will likely inch a little higher once 28 Day Consolidated viewing is in.

The number is also 10’s biggest total audience since Oprah With Meghan And Harry in 2021 which was 1.78m in metro + regional overnight.

10 has indicated it is open to Neighbours specials or reunions in the future.

On those numbers it should get cracking on the idea.


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  1. While there was little not to like about the finale (I watched the final weeks on 10Play so I could skip the inane storylines involving much of the newer cast), I wish it had been an extended 2-hour finale as I’m sure there’s a ton of footage that didn’t make the cut, and the pacing did feel rushed in parts (though it could have kept its 90 minute pacing for half-hour playouts in other markets).

    And while there was some very welcome use of archive footage, there appeared to be some interlacing artefacts, and I wish that they hadn’t added that duplication+blur effect in order to fill the entire screen as it distracts from what should be the focus of the frame.

    Also, Shane was on the phone to his mum Maria in an earlier episode, and I was pretty bummed that they didn’t arrange a FaceTime appearance as the actress is still with us (Blahova returned to the Czech Republic). David Clencie also expressed an interest in returning, but Danny wasn’t even mentioned in the final eps.

  2. I have to wonder if 9 has ever thought about Neighbours. Like 10 saved Neighbours from 7 originally, I wonder if 9 could now save Neighbours from 10 (or should I say 11/Peach).

      1. Wonder if 9 might reconsider… their original decision was 38 years ago after all, and with the benefit of hindsight was a bad one.

        I’m sure with some love from an Aussie broadcaster, the show could still get decent ratings in Australia. The storylines, production values, and nods to the history of the show that Jason Herbison oversaw in recent years actually had the show producing some of the best quality episodes of its entire 37 year run. Sadly with 10’s neglect, not many in Australia got to enjoy it.

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