Friday Flashback: Biffo at the Walkleys

Before Will Smith had his Oscars outburst, Australia went there first at the Walkley Awards.

This week Will Smith made an apology for that slap at the Academy Awards.

But before he shocked onlookers with his awards outburst, Australia went there first.

Back in 2006 veteran Canberra political correspondent and Insiders regular, Glenn Milne, lashed out at Crikey’s Stephen Mayne at the Walkley Awards.

It took an SBS production crew to intervene, with Milne later apologising, “… I lamentably mixed alcohol and migraine medication with shocking consequences. I apologise too to Stephen Mayne and the organisers of the awards. There’s no excuse for my behaviour.”

And for those with longer memories folklore has it that Don Lane and Ernie Sigley got physical at the 1988 Logies, but it never made it to camera.

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