Report: Metro Trains angry over lack of filming permits on Hunted

"Metro has strict protocols in place for filming which should have been followed to ensure the safety of staff and passengers.”

Well this is awkward….

Metro Trains and the Andrews Government have hit out at 10’s Hunted for reportedly failing to get filming permits to film on the rail network.

This comes despite the Victorian government’s Visit Victoria being a partner of the show produced by Endemol Shine Australia.

“The Hunted production company did not apply for a permit prior to filming on Metro’s network,” a spokeswoman told the Herald Sun.

“This is not acceptable as Metro has strict protocols in place for filming which should have been followed to ensure the safety of staff and passengers.”

“We have written to the production company involved to remind them of their obligation to apply for a permit before filming.”

In the first episode, two contestants – followed by a “covert camera operator” – were filmed purchasing Myki’s inside Flinders Street Station. Other groups were recorded moving around station platforms and on-board train carriages.

Metro’s website clearly states that people must obtain “express permission” before accessing premises for filming and photography.

Public Transport Minister Ben Carroll told the Herald Sun “appropriate action” had been taken to ensure such a breach didn’t occur again.

They confirmed that no CCTV from the Metro network – including any footage of public transport commuters – was released to Endemol Shine.

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  1. What about the interview the winners had with news.com.au, who opened up about the phoniness?

    “Time and again, complete strangers were shown on-screen leaping into action, housing, transporting and feeding the fugitives”

    “From the moment we got out at Federation Square, (Hunted) didn’t show the 30 or so people who said no to letting us use their phones”

  2. While it does seem like bureaucratic madness, i hope this does trim some of the arrogance of the hunters and production. There were a few times where the hunters were heard asking for permission to enter and film after they had barged 3 steps into someones home. I’m still thinking about episode 1 where they were shoving cameras into tents, such an invasion of privacy. if they didn’t get permission from Metro it doesn’t give much hope that they asked for permission from anywhere else.

  3. How silly. How were producers to know what private land participants would use during their escape? You can highly assume that they would use some type of public transport, however, the producers could not have foreseen this. That is what the show is about.
    Can you imagine the ‘reality’ backlash if they did get permits? How did they know what station would be used, what platforms etc.
    I don’t know what the answer to this is as a blanket approval may not please everyone if handed out by Vic Gov, although with so so many variables, it may be the only way the show can proceed with relevant permits.

  4. OMG seriously??? This would have to take the cake for the most pathetic tantrum of the year! I am gobsmacked! Metro actually need to get a real problem! Not one person was in any danger during the brief moments Hunted filmed on the network!

  5. I don’t think the state should be beholden to the ‘but it benefits you’ excuse. It’s setting a bad example and wrongly taking advantage. Even amateur photographers have to get permission for certain types of photography, and even for any photography at all on some train networks around the world.

    The show could benefit from a legal team if they don’t have one, and if they do then they should’ve picked up on that. It would prevent mistakes like this, and help in the accuracy of the show.

  6. Whilst no TV show should be above the law and addressing it with producers is the correct course of action making a public statement comes across as rather sour when they could actually be using the show to promote the train network. The shots used were fleeting and the focus was always the participants rather than others at the station.

  7. Don’t think V/line and operators of Southern Cross station would be too happy with their filming there either!
    Of particular concern was the hunters racing along the road in the busy bus terminal behind buses reversing!!! Totally disregarding signage and fencing. Not a safety vest in sight and extremely dangerous. Work safe may want to talk to the producers about this! Disregard for other passengers was also clearly visible , with hunters blocking passengers from exiting bus

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