Inside Sydney Airport filming

Cameras were capturing all the action at Mascot yesterday for an upcoming observational series.


Filming is underway at Sydney airport a new observational series Inside Sydney Airport.

ITV cameras were at Mascot yesterday for a series yet to be formally announced.

A Border Security-style sign was posted at the door telling passengers they were agreeing to be filmed by default, unless they raised an objection.

“By entering this area you consent to the collection, use and publication of your image, sound and voice in connection with the program, in all media throughout the world, forever. You waive any claims you may have in connection with this collection, use and publication. If you object to being filmed or to the use of your image, sound or voice as part of the program, please avoid this area or immediately notify a crew member.”

ITV Studios Australia has previously filmed Inside Central Station for SBS, which announces its Upfronts next week.

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  1. I’ll probably like this program as I’m a fan of shows like Airport and Airline that featured Heathrow and EasyJet.

    An idea for an airport related show is a half-hour or an hour live show from an airport lookout to see flights take-offs and landings with commentary. It’s popular on the online streams. There’s a group that goes to Sydney Airport regularly and they do live streams with professional production values. Another airport lookout live streamer in the UK had what would’ve been the record for live streaming viewers on YouTube some months ago.

    It’s a concept that could expand or be transposed to free-to-air TV.

  2. I’m sure ITV’s legal people signed off on that sign, but I wonder how well it would hold up in court if someone, for example, didn’t want to be used in the program and also had very limited time to go through the process of boarding a flight which they absolutely had to get on for whatever reason, and thus had no way to avoid the cameras while getting to their flight and also no time to tell the film crew of their objection?

    I suppose they could contact ITV the next day and request to be blurred out. That must be a nuisance in editing!

      1. As far as I understand it, if you are in a public place you can be filmed as part of a large group of people. If you are ‘featured’ however in a close up or a shot that singles you out of the crowd, identifies you and/or your voice is recorded of you saying something that isn’t part of a group, then the Producer needs to get a signed release form from you giving your permission. If you willingly enter a TV studio and that sign is displayed then yes they can film you as a reasonable person would expect that is what happens in there. An airport, train station etc however is different as you don’t have any choice to avoid the area when catching a plane or train.

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