If Troy & Kiki win The Challenge and nobody is there to see it, did it really happen?

Diehard fans stayed til the end of The Challenge, but there just weren't enough of them.

Former Ninja Warrior Troy Cullen and ex Bachelor contestant Kiki Morris were last night declared winners of The Challenge Australia, each receiving $100,000 despite the failure of the show on Network 10.

Relegated to a lacklustre 8:30 timeslot on multichannel 10 Shake (in between a rerun of The Office and Catfish TV), the show failed to attract the desired viewers 10 was hoping for as a prominent CBS franchise.

Ably hosted by non-binary newcomer Brihony Dawson, the show was designed to see the two winners proceed to a global competition, The Challenge: Global Championship.

As Dawson recently told TV Tonight, “The winners of each one of those shows, then goes into The Challenge World Championship, which is filming in South Africa now. I got to take over our winners and present our Australian team.”

That season is due to screen on Paramount+.

The duo defeated four other finalists for the title, Brooke Jowett, Brittany Hockley, Conor Curran and Ciarran Stott. While Troy won the final challenge by 20 minutes over his male opponents, Kiki narrowed her lead to 9 minutes.

On social media there were still some die-hard fans to be found watching the show.


So under the radar was the show by its conclusion that 10 didn’t send out a press release despite the fact it had given away a hefty $200,000 prize….

No doubt to join the conga line of TV’s biggest prizes nobody turned up for…

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  1. Interesting today that news limited ran the story about getting zero ratings in Brisbane

    Are they trying to make the case for fox sport / news limited to keep the cricket because they have more promotion ability. Interesting timing as today is the deadline for BAFO for cricket rights and the Paramount offer is bigger than Fox/seven in cash

  2. I’ve been watching the episodes on Paramount + but this season was ruined by the stupid Bachie alliance which meant that weaker contestants were carried through. Happy that Troy managed to win but Emily or Brooke J were more worthy winners for the best female.

  3. I really enjoyed watching The Challenge. I thought it was pretty good and I hope they make a second season, even though it isn’t likely. Congratulations to Kiki and Troy. And great efforts from Brittany and Conor too.

  4. I really wanted to like The Challenge but simply couldn’t last more than the first two episodes. Troy Cullen is actually a nice bloke so good on him for the win. Hopefully Brihony will turn up on a better show soon coz they are a terrific presence.

  5. I kept on watching despite the multiple changes in time and channel, props to Troy and Kiki for pulling out the win (Especially running it straight after the brutal episode 9 elimination challenge). Would love to know the ratings for the Finale if possible David, would have to be close to Excess Baggages 44,000 people / $100k.

  6. David, must you always preface Brihony Dawson with “non-binary newcomer” or similar? Who cares? Do you preface heterosexual or homosexual presenters or stars with similar descriptions? No! Then why for “non-binary” ones?

    1. Visibility is important and having this noted in the articles (noting that David only mentioned it in 3 articles) highlights this leap for prime time television. Yes it’s a shame it needs to be specifically mentioned, but here’s hoping in the next few years it won’t need to be highlighted because we’ve moved on from the heteronormative tv we’re presented with on reality tv.

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