Proposals loom on Bachelors as 10 looks beyond Overnight numbers

Reality series draws to a close on Sunday with two proposals, but is the audience ready for a break-up?

Three Bachelors, three engagement rings, two proposals.

10’s reality series reaches a crescendo on Sunday as two of three Bachelors will make a proposal to their final choices.

After a whirlwind series, six single ladies are left standing:

Felix: Abigail + Jessica
Jed: Alésia + Angela
Thomas: Lauren + Leah.

This season is the first of its kind in the world on a format that is strictly controlled by Warner Bros. Screening during summer out of ratings survey, it has also drawn lower overnight numbers, which has generated some tough press.

“People are writing a lot about The Bachelors because it’s really the only entertainment offering on air this January,” Daniel Monaghan, Senior Vice President, Content and Programming, Paramount ANZ told TV Tonight.

“We’ve seen this media attention when we had I’m A Celebrity in this period as well, which just goes to show that the industry also loves it when there is an entertainment show on as an alternative to a heavy sport schedule.

“What we’re really encouraged by is our biggest start to 10 Play ever. The Bachelors is the number one commercial program on BVOD since its launch, with a growing 100 million minutes viewed. The Bachelors has proven its utility on every platform by dominating younger demos on broadcast, growing 55% with the addition of 7 day catch-up audiences, being the most watched commercial BVOD show, and stealing conversations on social. So I think I can safely say we’re happy with how it’s trended this summer.

“We switched it out this year and I feel like we’re keeping younger audiences entertained and giving them something to talk about when there’s not much else happening on broadcast.”

Whether that’s enough for the franchise to return, or whether Sunday represents a break-up for the audience, is unclear. The Bachelorette was also not announced for a 2023 return by the network.

If it is quits for now, at least it will be able to look back on having brought together several couples still going strong: Tim Robards & Anna, Sam Wood & Snezana, Matty Johnson & Laura, Locky Gilbert & Irena, Jimmy Nicholson & Holly, Georgia Love & Lee.

The Bachelors concludes 7:30pm Sunday on 10.

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  1. I was sceptical when I saw he ads but it turned out great. It was so different and in a good way. They all actually pushed through a lot of the bullshit with this one. I was sad and surprised that Thomas and Leah didn’t make it. But happy for Jed and Alesia. Both couple I picked from their first date.

  2. I have the Bachelors on mute…was on phone convo with my daughter…
    Please tell me I am wrong?…The guy in the white suit…proposed to one lady…got knocked back…in tears…..Next thing he is proposing to another and they are all over each other?

  3. Don’t watch much on 10, because nearly every add break on the shows I watch (I now record) because they’ve been promoting this show to the point were it is like being force fed down your throat. Just waiting for a knock off version of UK Romeo and Duets.

    1. Ikr, not only that there’s a great big ad on the bottom right of the screen when you do watch it for what’s coming up next eg Survivor. Then I suppose when survivor is on there will be another ad taking up 1/8 of the screen for the next show their promoting and sew on. I’ve only noticed this as my friend watches The Bachelor and I sort of had to go along with it lol

      1. Particularly annoying when you look at the effort that goes into the cinematography of a show like Survivor. It reaches no more eyeballs keeping it on screen throughout than fading it out after 10 seconds.

  4. It’s certainly not one of Ten’s biggest problems ratings wise. I would be surprised not to see it renewed. It’ll be interesting to see if a first run Aussie dating /romance drama show in early January takes shine off MAFS.

    1. MAFS ads/previews have been running nonstop during the Aus Open and the show has a core/established following/die hard fans so this year should squeeze out another success.
      If ratings are soft, they’ll do some tweaking – as they do for all shows at a mid-lifecycle. I’m sure producers have seen the lessons from MKR’s fall from dizzy highs.

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