How the Ferrones were cast for Back in Time

A producer spotted the Ferrone family in a shopping centre, and the rest is history.

The Ferrone family are much-loved as the cast across the Back in Time franchise, currently appearing in Back in Time for the Corner Shop.

Carol Ferrone recently told TV Tonight how the family – husband Peter, son Julian 22, daughters Sienna 19 and Olivia 15- were discovered by producers.

“Five years ago, we were actually shopping at Miranda Westfield and somebody tapped me on the shoulder and asked literally said, ‘I like the look of your family are you interested in auditioning for a TV show?'” she said.

“But a couple of months before, I’d actually seen the casting call on one of the social media platforms and I sent it to Peter ‘We should apply for this,’ but we never did.

“Funnily enough, this lady tapped me on the shoulder, and in the beginning, you kind of think it’s all a bit bogus.

“I did ask what show it was and she had a brochure and showed me and I said to Peter, ‘That’s the one that I had sent you.’ So then immediately, I realised it was Warner Bros. casting and the rest is literally history. They’d been looking for months for the right family and turns out, we were the right fit.”

Carol reveals she had previously had some experience before the camera.

“I’d actually done a little bit of extra work and a couple of guest appearances. Peter and I had been on Ready Steady Cook, I’d been on The Living Room a couple of times. Just a little bit, I’m not shy!”

But while she is open to more opportunities, Carol is not about to jump into every reality show.

“I’ve never been interested in anything that would put my family’s reputation in jeopardy, to put it nicely…. nothing seedy,” she insists.

“The ABC doesn’t have a reputation for doing anything untoward. Going into it as a family we protect each other. Obviously because we film together, if there was anything to come up that we thought was inappropriate for the kids, we would intervene. That has never happened.”

This week the show reaches the post-war 1950s, which sees a radical boom in technology, mass production and commercialisation -and the Supermarket becomes a major challenger to the corner shop.

8pm Tuesday on ABC.

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  1. I gave up on this show early on because there were so many historical anomalies that were designed to titillate or outrage a modern audience.
    I see in the latest promo they suggest you could buy crackers at the corner shop and then they cut to someone watching a professional pyrotechnic display.
    Anyone who bought crackers from the corner shop knows you got some penny bungers and maybe half a dozen sky-rockets or cathrine wheels (if you were extravagant) and you let them off one at a time!

  2. Thank you so much for posting this article, which is extremely informative. It gives a fascinating look into how the casting process happened for this special humble family. Ive always been into behind the scenes of shows, so this is right up my alley. Its also so refreshing to read about reality people – and in this case, True Stars, who care deeply about history, truth and honesty and decency and history of our country. More power to them and their achievements thus far in general, and re the Back in Time franchise.

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