Returning: Robson Green’s British Adventure

Actors Robson Green and Jim Murray are on another fly-fishing adventure.

Best friends, actors Robson Green and Jim Murray are on the road again on another fly-fishing adventure in Robson Green’s British Adventure.

The pair have travelled to the best rivers and lakes around the UK on the hunt for big fish.

Episode One: The River Towy And Abersoch
Robson and Jim have packed up their tackle wagon (an old caravan that houses their fishing gear) to see what Wales has to offer and hit the road heading first for the River Towy in Carmarthenshire. They’re hunting for sea trout (sewin in Welsh) and go to Abercothi Fisheries where they meet up with several knowledgeable ghillies (fishing guides) who point them in the right direction.

Friday, 28 April at 8.30pm on SBS.

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