Seven News, Farmer, Claremont Murders take Seven to Monday win.

Farmer wins its timeslot, while Claremont Murders keeps viewers watching until late night.

Seven had a convincing win on Monday thanks largely to its news and reality TV offerings, while a scripted drama kept viewers on the network until late night.

Farmer Wants a Wife was the top entertainment show at 557,000 metro viewers, although it was eclipsed in demos by the competition.

That defeated Australian Story (509,000), 7:30 (479,000), Lego Masters (448,000), I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here (419,000).

Later Four Corners led with 442,000 then Media Watch (406,000), The Claremont Murders (382,000), RPA (274,000), Ghosts (141,000).

Seven network easily won Monday with 32.4% then Nine 25.3%, ABC 18.3% 10 16.0% and SBS 8.0%.

Seven News was #1 at 988,000 / 933,000. The Chase was 540,000 / 291,000 then Home & Away (491,000).

Nine News drew 771,000 / 768,000 with A Current Affair winning at 615,000. Hot Seat‘s 2500th episode was 338,000 / 195,000. Nine News late was 170,000 with Footy Classified (78,000 and 100% Footy (53,000) across the network.

ABC News was 564,000. Q+A (192,000) and The Drum (182,000) followed.

The Project pulled 291,000 / 193,000 for 10. 10 News First was 238,000 / 185,000. FBI: Most Wanted managed 77,000.

On SBS it was SBS World News (136,000 / 125,000), The Secret Life of Lighthouses (110,000), Mastermind (82,000), My Name Is Reeva (66,000) and 24 Hours in Emergency (42,000).

Bluey easily topped multichannels at 210,000.

Sunrise: 211,000
Today: 180,000
News Breakfast: 106,000 / 53,000

Total TV numbers for last Monday are delayed.

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 17 April 2023

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  1. I was planning on just watching the first segment or two of the Claremont murders and watching the rest later on, but I ended up staying until the end. It was really interesting and I couldn’t not watch. I do love a drama based on a true story. This was very well done and flowed really well, which is why I kept watching.

    1. Same here, really enjoyed both episodes of the Claremont Murders and both episodes moved at quite a quick pace, I don’t think I’ve seen a true crime drama nice along so quickly. Hopefully more drama to come.

  2. Seven News again with the “exclusive footage” of a certain politician behaving badly on Sunday night news and another “exclusive footage” shown from a different angle (outside the venue this time) and got a life ban on Monday night news….that was the same “exclusive footage” on other rival channels (and newspapers)……oh please, its out there on multiple sources 24/7…..viewers aren’t idiots.

  3. Hopefully the performance of Claremont will encourage Seven to do more scripted drama. The glory days are long gone but given the networks legacy as leader in the Aussie drama space, they can and should be trying more than a 30-year-old soap which is a cash cow for them thanks to the support of loyal drama fans. Of course there is RFDS, another reboot of a reboot.

      1. And so they should and good on them for the work they do with the government money. But commercial broadcasters have a role to play too and it shouldn’t be up to the public broadcaster just to tell scripted Australian stories and support Australian jobs. Seven does a huge amount already with Home and Away, much more than Nine or Ten. That’s why I am saying it a shame they can’t capitalise on that and make Aussie drama more a part of their brand. Don’t you think it’s a bit odd they have the #1 local drama with the most loyal viewers and yet no other type of that same genre on the schedule?

        1. Drama is an expensive thing to make and there’s much competition from pay TV-look at the overall audience numbers for FTA now that have to support production of it-the glory days are long gone.

          1. To add, don’t channel 5 in the UK (I think owned by Paramount/CBS) pay for half of H&A production costs? I agree that seven historically has virtually owned Ozzie drama as far as commercial networks go. But as someone else wrote, it’s a bygone era.

          2. Can’t reply yo Bettum but C5 pay relatively little for Home and Away – Seven aren’t as reliant on them as Neighbours were.

            As for drama being from a “bygone era”. That really is only by the choice of the Aussie networks – inthe UK, Europe and US it is thriving – yes, fewer but higher quality shows, and yes certainly reliant on an international funding model, but thriving none the less.

            Will be interesting if future quotas on streamers expand to co-productions so a Seven/Netflix partnership for example could fulfil quotas for both, even if Netflix is primarily involved for the international rights.

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