German broadcaster ending scripted, cites streaming competition

Sky Deutschland says streaming makes it harder for drama series to cut through and will cease dramas from 2024.

German broadcaster Sky Deutschland, which has commissioned such titles as Das Boot, Babylon Berlin, Munich Games and 8 Days will no longer make scripted shows from next year

Deadline reports a note from Sky Deutschland boss Devesh Raj confirmed it will “halt production of new scripted Sky Originals from 2024 onwards,” but shows in production will be completed.

The Sky Deutschland scripted originals team is expected to be closed once these shows have been delivered.

Raj’s note said “the cost of producing scripted content has continued to rise, in part driven by the emergence of myriad new streaming providers, making it harder for drama series to cut through.”

A Sky Deutschland spokesperson said: “Since the launch of Sky Originals in DACH, the entertainment industry and content landscape have rapidly changed, coupled with ever-evolving consumer behaviour. We know our customers well and are confident that our position as the best provider of premium, acquired content, an unmissable range of sports and all the best entertainment apps. With this in mind, we have chosen to focus our investment in these areas, and we will not continue the production of new scripted Sky Originals from 2024 onwards. We’d like to thank all our partners and colleagues for their significant contribution to producing Sky Originals over the past few years.”

Sky Deutschland has also broadcast Australian titles such as Wentworth and Doctor Doctor where it screened as The Heart Guy.

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  1. Foreign language shows can attract an esoteric audience especially in English speaking countries, consequentially new original shows need to be marketed well and this can add substantially to the production costs. Shows like Das Boot will attract a ready made fan base so received the production budget, but with younger audiences this type of war genre is limited in its appeal, especially so in Germany. Babylon Berlin was a well made political period drama but obviously was an expensive long term production to make, any audience invested in the screenplay would desire a short interlude between each season just to keep the story fresh, if you have to wait more than a year for each new season then fans will be looking elsewhere. With big budget productions there is always some risk speculating about a shows prospective success, especially so with smaller studios. I think it’s a shame Sky Deutschland decided to shut shop making new dramas, hopefully it’s not going to become a Sky trend.

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